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Cash For Phones

How Do You Recycle Phones?

We care for the environment so your handset will either have its components reused to make a new product, go to a developing country or be used by insurance companies as a replacement phone.

Did you know It is estimated that up to 90 million mobile phones are left unused in homes across the UK - these weigh 11,250 tonnes, the equivalent to more than 30 Boeing 747s. Mobile Phones are a hazard if discarded; They can contain Lead, Mercury, Manganese, Lithium, Zinc, Arsenic and Copper and these are just some of the contents. Up to 10 million phones are recycled per year and this is where we come in, so why not help the environment by recycling your phone and get some cash back doing it.

Our Green Credentials

At e2save we send zero waste to landfill which is a massive achievement, we have reduced our waste bill significantly and have a healthier conscience knowing that we are 100% landfill free and everything thrown away at is recycled.

Get Cash for Your Old Phone

We offer cash for phones when you trade-in your old mobile with us, and it's done in three easy steps. Just enter your handset details above to get an estimated value, fill in your address details then pop the phone in the prepaid envelope we send you and post it back to us.

What is an Acceptable Trade-in Phone?

Most handsets are acceptable but your phone must be in a reasonable condition. That means there should be no liquid damage or knocks or cracks but normal wear and tear is obviously acceptable.

The handset must still be in working condition and has to be able to power up when we switch it on.

You do not need any of the phone's accessories but you should include the battery.

How much Cash for my Phone?

It is easy and free to get an estimate quote for your phone by just filling in your IMEI details above.

Once we receive your handset and confirm it is in reasonable condition we will immediately post a cheque to you for the amount shown.

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