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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by Rob


Best educational iPhone apps for kids.

A lot of kids love playing with their parents’ smartphones. If your little ones are going to be getting their sticky fingers all over your Apple handset it makes sense to ensure that they’re actually doing something productive with their time hogging it. Here are five of the best iPhone apps for kids which are designed for educational purposes, each of which can help kids to learn and also keep them entertained.


Britannica Kids

The Encyclopaedia Britannica isn’t something that children will rush to read, but the range of apps in the Britannica Kids family helps to convert dry information into interactive fun.

There are apps dedicated to learning about rainforests, Ancient Rome, volcanoes and many more interesting topics. The use of games, maps and other clever features helps to reinforce the teachings that are handed out.

Each app is priced at £4.99, but you get plenty of content for your cash and it’s a good investment if it gets kids into educational topics. This series is packed with some of the best iPhone apps for kids around. Experience these educational iPhone apps from Encyclopaedia Britannica.


Alpha Writer

Learning to read and write is tough, but this app is designed to streamline the process and also make it more accessible and enjoyable for kids and parents alike.

The idea is not only to help children get to grips with the phonetics of reading and writing, but to actually engage their brains by combining this with an activity they’ll love: storytelling.

The app is fleshed out with some colourful art to accompany the stories that you create and it’s a very open piece of software that lets kids learn at their own pace and in their own way. As such it’s one of the best apps for kids of a younger age.  Learn more about Alpha Writer from the iOS App Store.

Best iPhone apps for kids


Scales & Modes

If your child is learning an instrument, one of the toughest tasks is likely to be building up comprehension of musical notation itself.

This app could enhance their appreciation for scales and modes, making it easier for them to get their heads around the finer points of sight reading and composition.

It features multiple instruments including keyboard and guitar, so you can learn new chords and scales which can help to improve your improvisation and give you the confidence to develop skills. It’s one of those educational apps that transcends age groups and will be valuable for both kids and adults. Learn music with the Scales & Modes iPhone app.


Sums Stacker

Maths is one of those subjects that you either love or hate, so with Sums Stacker you can help your kids overcome those taxing homework problems and learn the best ways to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

It’s effectively a game, since it lets you play various modes and tackle sums of different difficulties and it’s actually quite addictive, to the point that adults will be able to get something out of it as well.

With a colourful, hand-drawn look to the graphics and plenty of rave reviews under its belt, Sums Stacker even has multiple ways of displaying the numeral representation, which lets you ramp up the challenge once you’ve mastered the basics. Making our shortlist of best iPhone apps for kids, why not play Sum Stacker and take the numbers on for yourself?

Sums Stacker - Best iPhone apps for kids


National Geographic World Atlas

While you can get an overview of the entire planet via Apple Maps or Google Maps without paying a penny, this inexpensive app from National Geographic lets you find out detailed information about the nations and regions of the world in a much more educational manner.

It has recently been updated to offer high definition mapping as well as up to date facts about various countries. You can also add pins to the atlas to mark the places you’ve been and compare them with other areas, which also makes it one of the best iPhone apps for travel.

Like its free rivals you can spin and rotate the globe in 3D and there is the option to use satellite imagery from Bing Maps if you want photorealism, although you can stick with more traditional graphics if you prefer.

Kids will be able to learn about the planet on which they live and can have fun unearthing info while also taking it onboard. It’s amongst the best apps for kids who love to explore.

So there’s a few ideas on how you can introduce educational iPhone apps to your children. If you feel the time is right for their own mobile, why not read my guide Recommended Mobile Phones for Children?

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