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Best photo apps for camera phones

The marriage between phone and camera has been long and loyal, with photographic technology getting better with each new generation of mobiles that hits the market. If you have a smartphone you will be able to download plenty of camera applications to enhance the basic functions that come loaded on your handset. Provided below is a list of some of the best photo apps around at the moment to get you started.

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Instagram - Best photo apps Instagram is perhaps the best-known camera phone application, thanks largely to its credentials as an icon of pop culture. You cannot visit Facebook or Twitter for more than five minutes without encountering a picture that someone took of their breakfast or lunch, which was then edited using this app to make it look retro and cool.

Instagram is free to download and can be found on both iPhone and Android handsets. As well as being able to tweak your snaps and add stylish filters to them, you can easily share your creations via your social network of choice, or direct to the app’s own photo feed.


Taking panoramic shots using your camera phone is easy if you use Photosynth, the most widely available and powerful app of its kind.

It can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices and lets you take panoramic and even 360-degree shots that are then stitched together by the software to create a cohesive single image.

You can upload panoramas direct to the Photosynth site or share them with your Facebook pals and Twitter followers. For bringing panoramic photos to the masses, Photosynth is a worthy entry to our best photo apps shortlist.


Ever wondered what all those Instagram snaps looked like before your mates messed around with filters for half an hour? Normalize for iPhone lets you peel back the hipster-friendly tints to reveal an image that is as ‘naked’ as possible.

It is also one of the best photo apps for anyone who wants to restore legitimately old images to their former glory. If you have a box full of faded, scratched pictures in the attic that could do with a refresh, this is definitely an app worth downloading.

You will have to pay 69p for the privilege of accessing it, but it is a small asking price for an app that lets you get back to the basics of photography.


If you are not much of a photographer but you like to find the most talked-about images online, Pixable will cater to your needs. It basically scans social networks and looks for photos and images that are being shared and discussed by your friends and the wider web community.

You’ll then get these images delivered direct to your phone so that you never miss out on something fun, quirky or inspiring.

Photoshop Express

Adobe Photo Shop Express - Best photo appsPeople who love editing photos will probably be familiar with the desktop version of the Photoshop software. This can be a prohibitively expensive bit of digital kit, but there’s a cool, free alternative available in app form for iPhone and Android.

Photoshop Express comes with a few basic editing tools free of charge, but also allows you to add extra effects and capabilities via in-app payments, so it can be as comprehensively equipped as your wallet will allow.

You can manipulate photos to improve them in a minor way, or create outlandish mash-ups using multiple images. The world is your oyster and if you are so inclined you can actually make an image that depicts the world as one massive oyster floating in space with this app!

Do not limit yourself to the five camera applications mentioned in this list. There are always new photography apps arriving for camera phones, so dive in and see what you can find.

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