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Published on July 4th, 2013 | by Rob


Best Camera Phones for Summer 2013

With the advantage of always being in your pocket, smartphone cameras are great tools for capturing the magic. They help us to never miss a moment, be it a hilarious prank or something beautiful. Because your pictures mean something to you, it’s only natural you want to capture them in the best quality possible. Help is at hand as I take you through the best camera phones for the summer. So whether you’re an Instagram hipster, a snapchat scenester or just love to keep the film rolling, take a peek at these leading camera smartphones.

Nokia Lumia 925

Approved by the safe hands of Superman in the recent Man of Steel blockbuster, the Nokia Lumia 925 pitches itself as a hero camera phone for 2013. Will it save your pictures from disaster?

Stuffed full of PureView goodness the Lumia 925 has six physical lenses and premium Carl Zeiss optics; primed ready to snap up the action. Regarded by critics as the best camera in low light situations, Nokia’s latest release has to be a great partner for the dance floor.

Enhance the fun and get more control of your shots thanks to the host of Nokia Smart Camera tools on board the Lumia 925. Banish ugly people from your photos with the remove object tool. Create action sequences Arnie would be proud of; 10 photo snaps merged into one with Action Shot.

As one of the best camera phones on the Windows Phone 8 platform, the Lumia 925 balances fun with high quality tech. Good job Nokia!

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Best camera phones - Nokia Lumia 925

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Though the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a worthy snapper in its own right, it’s the S4 Zoom that deserves full focus in our best camera phones for 2013 blog. Flip it over and you could mistake it for a real camera as it has a moveable lens (A 10x optical zoom). Unlike the digital zooms found in most smartphones, an optical zoom doesn’t lose that 16 megapixel quality when getting close and personal. Combine that resolution with the built in Optical Image Stabiliser and you have a top trump camera for great pictures.

best camera phones of 2013

Turning the digital camera into a smart experience, the Zoom has a few impressive features up its sleeves. If you’re ever mid phone call and you’re friend doesn’t believe you’re next to a celeb A-Lister, you can take a photo and the Zoom will instantly MMS them with the evidence. Alternatively, with the Smart Mode suggest feature, the S4 Zoom gives live feedback on light levels and focal length to help process that awesome snap.

Given the thickness and shape of this device is the same as a digital camera, it will have a niche appeal to the serial snappers who want better photos from their smartphone. So if you happen to see someone talking into a camera, you haven’t gone crazy, it’s probably the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Best camera phone for the summer


Megapixels? Who needs megapixels when you have UltraPixels? That’s the philosophy of HTC’s premium camera phone release but is it the One for you?

HTC believe that there are several factors which contribute towards great pictures such as light availability, imaging chips and sensors. It’s a misconception that a higher megapixel count equals better photos, so HTC decided to release a camera phone that uses bigger pixels to capture more light. In fact, the F/2.0 aperture claims to take in 44% more light than an Apple iPhone 5. Now that’s a bright idea!

The advantages of Ultrapixels come clear when sharing your photos. As they are larger in size, images look great when displayed on a HD TV; perfect for showing off your snaps to your mates. With fewer pixels per photo, the file size of each photo is also smaller, meaning photos can be uploaded to the web quicker, while taking a smaller bite out of your mobile data allowance.

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best camera phones for the summer

Apple iPhone 6

Love them or hate them, Apple are regarded as one of the best camera phone manufacturers in the industry. How will the next iPhone release improve your photos?

Rumours suggest the next generation iSight camera on the iPhone 6 will involve a 13 megapixel sensor that captures white pixels besides the standard red, blue and green. This extra detail will help to capture more light into the iPhone 6 photos. The recently announced iOS 7 revealed a fresher interface on the camera mode, now offering hipster filters and square photos (Instagram anyone?).

With an expected announcement date of August, we’ll have to wait and see if the iPhone 6 decides to take on the best camera phones of 2013 with updated specs.

Which smartphone captures your focus? As the leading camera phones for this year these devices will help you taking stunning shots, whilst throwing in bags of fun. Happy snapping!

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