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Published on March 5th, 2014 | by Abby


10 Epic Camera Features on the Sony Xperia Z2

Sony has launched the highly anticipated Xperia Z2 at the world-famous Mobile World Congress. And true to form, the Xperia Z2’s camera is absolutely incredible.

So if you’re interested in getting a slice of the Sony action, here are 10 of the most amazing camera features on the Xperia Z2.

Xperia Z2’s 20.7MP lens

First things first, the Sony Xperia Z2 sports a jaw-dropping 20.7 megapixel camera fitted with the Sony G lens, much like its predecessor, the Xperia Z1.

This means that the camera snaps shots that look so good, you’d think they had been taken with a professional DSLR camera!

And with most other smartphone cameras featuring only 13-16 megapixel lenses, the Xperia Z2 offers by far the best camera.

Holy Wowzers! Exciting Android releases challenging the Xperia Z2.

G Lens on Sony Xperia Z2

Superior Auto

Superior Auto is the Z2’s primary camera feature, and offers the perfect photograph every time without the need to edit your shots.

The feature automatically detects the conditions that the camera is facing, optimising your pics for a perfect finish. In practice this means that every one of your images comes out looking top notch regardless of low light, bright lights or shadows.

Get creative with AR Effect

AR Effect is a feature we got on the Xperia Z1, but its success has allowed for the app to make an appearance on the Z2 also.

Out of all of the Sony’s camera features, AR Effect is perhaps the most fun, allowing you to insert dynamic animations on top of your ordinary-looking photos.

For example, we took a snap of Sony’s all white booth at MWC, and using the AR Effect app, managed to spot a dinosaur stalking the bench!

AR camera effect demo on Sony Xperia Z2

Sony’s Timeshift Video

Timeshift Video is again one of the coolest video features on the Xperia Z2, allowing you to get creative with your videos as well as photographs.

After recording a video, the Timeshift Video app lets you slow down or speed up various chunks of footage, sound included, making the most of the objects you are filming.

Background Defocus

As smartphone cameras get more sophisticated, manufacturers are trying hard to make photographs look just as professional as those taken with DSLR snappers.

Therefore, the Background Defocus app lets you focus in on one particular object, blurring the background to give your shot a really professional edge.

Z2: another 4K recording smartphone

4K is something we’d scarcely heard of this time last year, yet it seems to have taken over the smartphone market with the latest flagships offering the technology as a given.

And now the Xperia Z2 can also record footage in 4K, which is essentially the sharpest level of video available on a smartphone. So forget the camcorder, the Xperia Z2 can be your first port of call when it comes to capturing life’s precious moments.

Sony Social Live

The best part of taking photos with your smartphone is being able to share them at a touch of a button.

So with Social Live, you can share all of your finest shots via Facebook and receive all notifications such as likes and comments in real time.

Camera review of the Sony Xperia Z2


The Info-eye app is perfect for those who love to travel. Simply take a photograph of a particular site, monument or building, and your Z2 will instantly tell you all about it. Not sure about the history of the Eiffel Tower? Don’t ask Google, Info-Eye will tell you!

Portrait Mode

If you’re a big fan of the selfie, then the portrait mode on the Z2 is perfect. The camera picks up your face, and adds various effects to the photograph. Fancy making yourself look a bit more tanned- simply apply the tan filter! Or if you forgot to put your makeup on, just select the option on the Z2 and  watch your eyelashes grow and your cheeks rouge!

Timeshift Burst

Timeshift burst is perhaps on of the most useful features on the Sony Xperia Z2, allowing you to capture the moment, even before you press the shutter!

The app takes up to 61 frames in just 2 seconds, allowing you to flit through them all to find the perfect one!

So there you have it: just 10 reasons why the Xperia Z2’s camera is just so amazing. If the Sony Xperia Z2 camera sounds tempting, get hold of it on a pay monthly deal here.

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