How to add emoji emoticons to your iPhone keyboard

22 Nov 2011

written by Matthew

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So, if like many people in our office, you’ve got hold of the beautiful new iPhone 4S, or perhaps you have the  iPhone 4, then we think you’ll love this cracking new iPhone keyboard tip for iOS 5 – courtesy of our good friends at the Gadget Helpline

This tip will show you how to add the Emoji keyboard to your iPhone keyboard, allowing you to add smileys and emoticons to use in texts, emails and selected chat apps such as the popular WhatsApp messenger.

Many iOS 5 users (available for iPhone 4S/4 and 3GS, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod 3rd and 4th gen) are unaware that this cool iPhone keyboard feature exists.  Although the Emoji keyboard is only compatible with other iPhone, iPad and iPod users, it does allow you to really brighten up your texts and emails with literally hundreds of colourful emoticons, characters, icons, smileys and more.

Until recently the Emoji iPhone keyboard add-on was only available as an app from the app store but its huge popularity meant that Apple decided to package it in with iOS 5, so that if they wished iFans could have the emoji icons as part of their standard iPhone keyboard.

Emoji icons iphone keyboard
To enable and add the Emoji keyboard, follow these simple steps:

1. Tap Settings

2. Scroll Down, Tap General

3. Scroll Down, Tap Keyboard

4. Tap International Keyboards

5. Tap Add New Keyboard

6. Scroll Down, Tap Emoji

Once you have followed these simple steps (it literally takes less than a minute!) you will be able to see your Emoji keyboard listed within your standard iPhone keyboard.  It shows up as a Globe symbol, which if you select, you will see all the different Emoji’s split into handy categories for you.  There is even a category that serves as a shortcut for all your most used icons, clever stuff eh?

The handy info and the original article can be found at the The Gadget Helpine, you can also find them on Twitter @Gadget_Helpine, or on their Official Facebook group.


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