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Published on October 25th, 2013 | by Rob


Power Up! Must have tips to keep your phone battery charged

A flat battery is the mobile equivalent of getting a flat tyre on your car. It will probably spoil your day and you won’t be able to get on with your life as normal.

Thankfully there are many different ways to improve the battery life of your handset, even if it is a power-hungry smartphone that can consume a fully charged battery in just a few hours.

To keep your phone charged up, these smartphone battery life tips will help you avoid the hell of having a dead mobile.

Kill connectivity

Your phone’s various connections will all be a drain on the battery, even if you aren’t actively using them. To solve this you should go into your settings menu and turn off any connectivity services that are not necessary.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location-based GPS can all fall into this category. And if you are really trying to squeeze the most out of your phone’s battery then disabling your handsets 3G/4G data connection will help.

Of course this does mean that you will also be limiting the functions of your handset, but you can turn these connections back on as and when required, then disable them again. Putting your phone in airplane mode is a good way of killing all connectivity completely without turning off your handset.

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Screen saver

Much of the electricity required by a smartphone goes into powering the screen. Modern handsets have large displays and if you want to improve battery performance, you will want to adjust the brightness.

Lower brightness means less energy is used, so altering this setting can have a big impact. Many models will also have automatic energy-saving which adjusts the brightness to the most appropriate and efficient level on the fly, which is worth activating to minimise hassle.

Locking your phone’s screen and making the countdown to the automatic lock activation is an additional help, so try making adjustments which still fit in with your usage requirements.

Mustn’t rumble

While the vibration mode may be convenient and discrete, if you leave your phone in this setting it will be using up a lot of battery, because every call, text and social media update will cause the whole device to shake. Much less energy is used by audio ringtones and alerts, so if you don’t mind these noises then you’ll get more out of your battery.

Manage multi-tasking

Modern smartphones can run several apps simultaneously, but doing so will stress the processor and lead it to use more of your battery. Quitting apps properly and removing them from the multi-tasking list will prevent this, although some processes will still run in the background irrespective of your actions.

A good way to speed up your phone and also stop any unnecessary apps or processes is to turn it off fully for at least 30 seconds before powering it back up. Leaving your phone on for days, weeks or months at a time without a proper power down can make it a battery hog.

Game grouch

To extend the battery life of your phone you will have to make some sacrifices, with gaming being a top priority for the energy conscious. Playing games uses a lot of your phone’s resources and on larger handsets can sap the battery life in short order. If you absolutely have to get longer usage out of your phone, leave your gaming sessions until you are at a point that you know you can charge it up whenever necessary.

Using apps of any kind will speed up the rate at which your battery’s charge is consumed, although careful access and the aforementioned management of multitasking can ensure that you do not have to completely cripple your phone to achieve better battery life.

Battery bother

If you are finding that your phone gets through its battery quicker than is acceptable after a full charge, the battery itself may be at fault.

You can buy replacement batteries for many different mobiles and keep a back-up with you for emergencies. But be aware that some phones, like the iPhone range, do not have removable batteries, so you will need to pay for a professional to replace one.

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