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Published on July 12th, 2012 | by Rob


How much data? A guide to smartphone data plans

Whether you love to tweet your thoughts on Twitter, stream videos via YouTube or simply respond to your emails on your smartphone, all of these eat deep into your mobile data plan when performed from a smartphone. It can be confusing to know how much data of your pay monthly contract is consumed during these actions. Our latest e2guide helps you to understand what defines a data plan and helps you decide the right data tariff for you.

What is a mobile data plan?

When you purchase a pay monthly contract, you get an allowance of minutes for phone calls, texts for messages and a megabyte allowance for data. It’s essential you choose a data plan that will comfortably cater for your internet usage. Nobody likes an extra bill at the end of the month!

Your pay monthly contract could offer a variety of data tariffs, ranging from low allowances such as 100-200MB upwards to high mobile data plans of 1024MB (1 gigabyte) and beyond to truly unlimited or all you can eat data tariffs. So how much data can you get for your buck?

How much data is 250 MB?

On a day to day usage, 250 MB per month of data will typically let you browse 10 web pages and read roughly 20 emails per day. This may be adequate mobile data if you only browse online a little or do most of your surfing via a Wi-Fi connection. If you feel this is a stretch, check out our top tips to reduce your mobile data usage.

How much data is 500MB?

For those who regularly check the internet on their smartphone, 500MB is considered a healthy data allowance. If the majority of your smartphone data usage involves browsing web pages, then a 500MB mobile data plan should suffice. Even the social media addicts will LIKE this data plan as they load approximately 5000 Facebook or Twitter pages over the course of the month without fear.

Be wary of music downloads if you are on this tariff. To fully download an album of average length from iTunes would consume between 80-90MB.

How much data is 1GB?

1 gigabyte (or 1024 megabytes) is the recommended mobile data plan for those who want to do more than just web browsing. This data tariff provides a large capacity for multimedia streaming when on the move.

Video playback over a mobile network can typically consume 3-4 MB per minute, so if you’re going to catch up your favourite TV show over a 3G network, we recommend a tariff of at least 750 MB per month.

With this tariff you can probably get away with the odd app download from Google Play or the App Store over a mobile network connection too. To get the most out of your data allowance check out our selection of best smartphone deals.

how much data in your mobile tariff?

Unlimited Data Plans

For those who desire peace of mind with their data usage, truly unlimited data plans are available to provide no limits to your online experience. Ideal for those who spend long hours away from Wi-Fi connectivity, unlimited data plans really let you do whatever you want with your data. Whether you’re a serial music streamer on Spotify or love to catch up on BBC iPlayer, the possibilities are endless for your smartphone experience.

A mobile to mobile video call through Skype can burn up to 30MB per minute, so unless you’re on an unlimited data plan, we recommend doing this over a Wi-Fi connection.

Depending on how much internet data you need per month, there’s a mobile data tariff to suit everybody’s needs. Why not check out our smartphone unlimited data deals.

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