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Published on July 12th, 2012 | by Rob


Top tips to reduce mobile data usage

If you’re not an unlimited data tariff, you may want to consider being more tactical with your data. All those megabytes add up over the month but with simple adjustments you can reduce your phone data usage without restricting your smartphone experience. Here are our top tips on how to reduce mobile data usage.

Understand your mobile data plan

Firstly you need to make sure you have the right mobile data plan to cater your needs. If your contract permits 250MB of data usage per month and you enjoy streaming YouTube during your daily commute, you’re likely to find yourself with an expensive overcharge at the end of the month. Make sure you understand your mobile data usage limits with our guide to mobile data plans.

Use Wi-Fi

If you’re within range of your Wireless connectivity at home, or near a Wi-Fi hotspot, use it! Unlike 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi won’t munch away at your mobile data allowance, letting surf to the max on your smartphone without the risk of fees. Save your mobile data usage for when you’re truly out and about. We recommend that any major downloads such as email attachments or app updates are carried out over your Wi-Fi connection at home.

Reduce feed update frequency

With email and social alerts coming out of your ears, your smartphone consumes data each time it pushes these notifications to your attention. Ask yourself if you really need to be instantly alerted of a Facebook tag or if it can wait a few hours. By letting your notifications push to your smartphone on a less frequent basis, you can soon reduce your mobile data usage.

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Adjust email settings

With email settings, you can reduce the amount of the information that your smartphone automatically pulls from each email before you read it. With the best intentions to smoothen out your user experience, it can be costly if your phone starts to download a long sales email that you had no intention of reading.

Data Roaming

As with minutes and texts, mobile data usage can cost extra when outside of the UK. Make sure you turn off Data Roaming when travelling abroad to block your smartphone from retrieving costly social updates and emails from the web.

So there’s our top 5 tips to reduce your mobile data usage. Happy surfing!

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