Saving battery life on your smartphone

26 Aug 2011

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Reserving your smartphone's battery

Craig Mitchell - Customer Advisor
Working in the customer service department of a busy call centre means I have day to day contact with a lot of people, and short battery life of smartphones does seem to be an issue that crops up a lot of the time. The problem is usually the frequency that people have to charge their handset and this can lead them to believe their phone is faulty.

On some very rare occasions this may be the case but the majority of these problems can be rectified by making a few minor adjustments to the handset’s settings. Using my knowledge of HTC handsets I usually offer the following helpful tips.

Wi-Fi setting on your HTC

First of all turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi! As with any device that uses wireless connectivity, your HTC will always be on the lookout for a connection. This is a constant drain on your battery and although using the Wi-Fi doesn’t cost you money, it may cost you precious minutes when you need to use your handset for that important call, text or e-mail.

You can download a whole package of toggles and buttons that switch off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity services from the Android Market. My favourite is “Extended Controls” by the Honolulu Team. It’s another freebie that does the job really well. You can attach the Wi-Fi toggle to your front screen and switch between on and off whenever you need to.

Animated Screensavers? Now there’s nothing I want more than the Millennium Falcon tearing through an asteroid belt as my phone’s background or the code from the Matrix, pouring down my HTC’s home screen every time I check my inbox for messages but realistically this is going to put a strain on my battery life. Simple static wallpaper will not drain your battery and will not slow the processor down either.

Brightness setting on HTC mobile phones

This brings me on to your screen brightness. Turn this down to as low as possible before you have to squint and your battery life will last much longer. A diagnostic of my handset today showed that 46% of my battery life was being used by the “Display”. This is because I’d increased the brightness to around 70%. You can experiment with different levels of brightness to find one that suits you.

Reducing your screen timeout can also increase your battery life.

Turn off your phone’s vibrating feedback. This is the small vibration that occurs every time you make a key stroke when selecting an app, typing messages or dialling a number. It might make your finger feel nice but over the day, those little vibrations add up and will cause your battery to struggle.

It is, according to my research in web forums, unnecessary to download a Task Killer. These only turn apps off but your phone is designed to turn them off automatically if memory is needed. Having one running in the background will actually use battery!

How about charging on the go. Check out some of our Portable Energizer Battery packs we have here at e2save.

Following these easy steps can increase your battery life by 2 to 3 hours a day but please don’t think that this will take all of the fun out of your HTC. You’ll find that once you’ve had the phone a while, you’ll know when to switch the wi-fi off or when you don’t need the screen to be so bright. Have fun with it.

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