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Published on January 19th, 2012 | by Rob


OMG! e2save’s guide to internet speak & text shorthand

Andrew Cartlidge - Customer AdvisorIf you’re uninitiated in the ways of text shorthand, chances are you’ve been scratching your head in confusion after coming across one of these abbreviations.

Commonly used via text, or over an internet messenger, these colloquialisms have grown in usage to the extent that ‘LOL’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011. Whether this makes you ROFL or exclaim OMG, there’s no escaping the fact that text speak has truly made its impact on modern culture.

If you’re still confused, brush up on your 21st century lingo using our shorthand guide, and you’ll soon be ready to butcher the English language with the best of them.

LOL – Laughing out Loud
Perhaps the most recognisable example of text speak. Typically used as a filler, when you can’t think of an interesting or amusing reply.Rarely typed when actually laughing.

ROFL – Roll on Floor Laughing
Used in those rare moments of utmost hilarity when a simple LOL just isn’t enough.

LMAO – LaughingMy *** Off
For the potty-mouthed rebel, who wants to express humour whilst pushing the very boundaries of taste and dignity.

BRB – Be Right Back
You’re going, you won’t be too long, and you plan to return… but your imminent departure obviously means you don’t have time to type all that.

TB/PTB – Text Back/ Please Text Back
For use by the desperate/ totally desperate. Ignore the sender for maximum satisfaction.

WUU2? – What You Up To?
Imaginative way of enquiring what someone is doing. Typically responded to with the equally imaginative, ‘nm, u?’

OMG – Oh My God
Non deity specific exclamation of surprise. Most regularly used by teenage girls discussing the ending of the new Twilight movie.

IDK – I Don’t Know
If you talk like this, chances are there’s not a whole lot you do know.

IMO – In My Opinion
Used for flagging up that no-one really wants to read what’s about to follow.

AFK – Away From Keyboard
Something of a paradox. How did you manage to type it?

BTW – By The Way
Indicates one final thing.Regularly used in texts by Columbo.

WB – Welcome Back
You’re pleased by someone’s return, but no so pleased that you resort to using actual words.

G2G – Got to Go
Possibly the best shorthand you can receive, as it means you’re now free of the conversation.

OIC – Oh I See
A nice easy way of demonstrating your understanding, especially after someone has just explained to you what their convoluted shorthand means.

TTFN – Tata For Now
Because even Tigger has a mobile phone these days.

So yeah, now your the master of text shorthand. So we’ll catch u l8r & btw try and stay tuned. LOL!

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