Jay Karsandas Profile

Jay Karsandas - e2save

The Renaissance man of the team. Jay is our in-house designer and all rounder of the social team. Loves his tech hence why he sits in the office with his big iMac. Behind the scenes he runs our Facebook fan page and our very own YouTube channel e2vids; answering most of your techie and sales questions. Always has our fans at heart.

What does Jay enjoy outside of work? Leading a simple life but has a love of the good life, Jay enjoys playing football with his beloved CSKA Carnaby’s (plays creative midfield – ironic), dancing to salsa and spending time with his great friends. An avid blogger and freelance designer he loves to write articles and poetry. At time’s it is said he has been seen sitting on the foothills reading philosophy deep into the night.

Current phone – Samsung P300 (looks like a calculator)

Favourite app – Twitter

Favourite quote – “You only live once” JK