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Published on April 4th, 2012 | by Rob


Best apps to be a know-it-all

Do you remember a time before the internet? A time when you saw an actor in a film, turned to the loved one sitting next to you and asked ‘Where have I seen him before?’ If the answer was a nonchalant ‘Dunno,’ your only hope was to put the question far enough out of your mind for it not gnaw your brain into a thousand sleepless nights. As soon as the internet arrived, this scenario became a thing of the past. How did humanity ever survive without the ability of a few seconds typing to prompt the answer; ‘Oh yeah, he was in Police Academy 3’?

Then the smartphone arrived, and suddenly we were all carrying the internet in our pockets. Gone were the days of debating which film won John Wayne an Oscar, or which year Wham released Club Tropicana. The answers are now only seconds away. Here at e2save we embrace knowledge in all forms, and in the interest of helping you become a super smarty-pants, we present our top five apps for being a know-it-all…

Best app for being a Movie Master:

IMBD - best appsIMDb

The IMDb (Internet Movie Database) pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s a database. Of movies. On the internet. The website has made its way into app form for ease of use on a mobile device, and has so far passed the 10 million download mark on Android alone. With a catalogue of 1.5 million movie and TV titles, and 3.2 million performers, directors and crew members, it’s a truly extensive collection of every minute movie factoid you could care to look up. Read reviews, rate movies, watch trailers, then apply for Claudia Winkleman’s job on Film 2012.

Need a Movie knowledge app? Download IMDb onto your smartphone from:

The App Store | Google Play | Windows Marketplace

Best app for being a Sporting Sage:

ESPN - best appsESPN Score Centre

Did you catch the game? No? No problem with this nifty app. The latest scores from global leagues and tournaments are available at your fingertips within seconds. Choose from American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Ice Hocky and Rugby, then select your desired teams. You’ll get instant updates, and push notifications as soon as new scores are available, as well as details for upcoming fixtures. There’s also a sporting fact to read while you’re waiting for the app to load. Did you know that Germany has reached 12 football World Cup semifinals? Neither did we.

Need one of the best sports apps? Download ESPN Score Centre onto your smartphone from:

The App Store | Google Play | Windows Marketplace

Best app for being a Music Mogul:

ShazamShazam - best apps

It’s easy to look up something when you have it to type into a searchbar, but how do you identify a song that’s playing in the background of TV show? You can’t exactly put ‘Song that’s playing on my TV’ into Google. Instead, hold up Shazam, wait for a few seconds while the app listens to the music, and then… Shazam! You have the title, the artist, and a link to purchase the track online. Many songs also come with a lyric feature that enables you to sing along with the track as it plays, making you both knowledgeable and extremely annoying.

Need one of the best Music knowledge apps? Download Shazam onto your smartphone from:

The App Store | Google Play | Windows Phone Marketplace

Best app for being a General Knowledge Guru:

Wikipedia - best appsWikipedia

Like IMDB, this is another website giant that has made its way onto the app market. Containing more than 21 million articles available in 283 languages, Wikipedia proudly declares itself to be ‘The most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled,’ and it’s hard to disagree. Pretty much anything you could want to look up is on there, and you can save articles to view offline, or share them across social media channels. If you want to know more about Wikipedia, then, erm, type it into Wikipedia.

Need a general knowledge app? Download Wikipedia onto your smartphone from:

The App Store | Google Play | Windows Marketplace

Best app for being a Literary Leader:

The Complete Works of ShakespeareShakespeare - best apps

In the modern world of smartphones, iPods, kindles, tablets and the like, we’ve become accustomed to carrying huge amounts of information on tiny devices. There’s still something hugely satisfying, however, in carrying the complete works of Shakespeare around in your pocket (probably sandwiched between Facebook and Angry Birds Space). A few years ago Shakespeare’s works was a doorstep sized slab, that took the destruction of sixteen rainforests just to produce a single copy. Today it’s compressed into a miniscule 5.68MB and can be downloaded in mere seconds. Appreciate the wonders of modern technology, read the complete works of Shakespeare on your half-hour lunch break, be a genius.

Need one of the best literary apps? Download The Complete Works of Shakespeare onto your smartphone from:

The App Store | Google Play

In closing, please use the information that e2save has provided responsibly. With great apps come great responsibility – by that we mean don’t go cheating on your local pub quiz- and have fun expanding your mind and exercising your brain cells on our extensive range of  tablets deals.

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