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The Greatest Flip Phone Releases of All Time

Feeling nostalgic? Before a time of streaming video on your mobile or swiping touchscreen gestures, flip phones totally rocked. Their compact size was mind blowing and who DIDN’T love the satisfaction of closing a handset after a call.

Take a trip down memory lane as we remind you of the greatest flip phones of all time.

Motorola RAZR2 V8

Moto flip phone

First things first, if there’s one mobile maker that managed to perfect the flip phone, then it’s Motorola. Motorola launched a whole range of smart-looking flip phones which moved away from the large, clumpy handsets circulating circa the mid noughties. Instead, the RAZR2 V8 is a sleek and stylish handset, with razor thin dimensions that could slide into anyone’s pocket.

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The keypad on the inside of the phone is every inch as stylish as the outside; with a flat aluminium embossed keypad and an in-built music launch button, the V8 is any cool music lover’s dream.

Samsung P900


The Samsung P900 doesn’t look like your typical phone- in fact it looks more like a hammerhead shark than a flip phone!

The P900 sports a 2.2-inch display- tiny by today’s standards- which, as you can see, flips on its side to offer you the best TV watching experience from any 2006 mobile. The P900 has a phonebook which can fit in 1000 contacts (who really has that many friends?) as well as a 2 megapixel camera and a TV receiver to make the most of its hammerhead screen.

LG U8138

LG Flip phone

The LG U8138- despite its less than catchy name- is one of the classic flip phones which comes equipped with an un-screwable antenna, colourful shell and, wait for it, a scrollable camera.

OK, so the U8138 might not be as impressive under the hood as the Samsung P900 (after all, you can only store 500 of your favourite contacts!), but with a VGA camera lens that you can swivel 180 degrees, this LG flip phone became one of the founding fathers of the selfie!

Nokia 7373

Nokia Phone

The Nokia 7373 is another cracking retro phone bound to bring back the memories of times gone by.

A combination of a flip phone and a swivel handset, the 7373 was the perfect phone for the fashion conscious of users. With a pink leather-bound and wood effect back casing, along with a swirly pattern on the fascia, the Nokia 7373 was great for the girliest of girls in need of a phone to snap photos, listen to the in-built FM radio and play the odd game of Sudoku.

Samsung E530

Samsung flip phone

As usual, Samsung is making another appearance on the list, this time with the E500. The E500 has taken design seriously, and is another pink-tinged phone to sit alongside the Nokia 7373. The handset has been shaped like a smooth pebble, offering not one but two screens- the second perfect for displaying the time in a fancy clock format as pictured above.

The Samsung E500 was ideal for gamers back in 2005, with games such as Bobby Carrot, Airship Racing, and Freekick + already built into the device, and many more available to download.

Motorola Pebl U6


True to its name, the Motorola Pebl U6 looks in every way like a pebble just washed up on the beach. The handset features a perfectly flat, aluminium keypad, finishing off the smooth design of the phone perfectly.

On the front of the handset you’ve got your second screen, which let’s face it, we became to expect by 2005. Available in blue, black, pink and orange and green, the Pebl U6 really embraced the colourful flip phone trend.

Samsung E500


Samsung really knew what to do when it came to designing its flip phone range, and that’s to offer style and sass by the bucket load, with the E530 emerging at the end of it.

With a gold embellished fascia and a mirrored window on the front of the clamshell handset, the Samsung E530 looks like it just stepped out of an Austin Powers movie. What’s more, Samsung even gave the keypad a touch of class with gold trim outlining the keypad.

They don’t make ‘em like they used to, eh?

Nokia N93i


Saving the best till last is the Nokia N93i. Perhaps being the inspiration for the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, the N93i poses as a half-phone, half- camera.

As a mobile phone, the Nokia N93i flips at the wide part of the device, offering a much larger display than most of its clamshell counterparts. Because of this design, the Nokia handset is perfect for gaming and editing your photos.

Speaking of photos, flipping the phone on its side turns the handset into a bona fide video camera, packed with a massive 3.15 megapixel lens with Carl Zeiss optics and a 3 x optical zoom.

The Best Flip Phones Ever!

As retro releases, their specs of these flip phones may look lame against the likes of today’s smartphones. Love them or loathe them, we can’t ignore the significance they played in bringing us the smartphones of today.

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