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Published on June 6th, 2013 | by Rob


Free Xbox One with a mobile phone contract

Say hello to the next generation of Microsoft gaming! With the Xbox One officially unveiled, gamers are eager to dive into the entertainment console of tomorrow. Don’t waste your 2014 saving for the console; we have the Xbox One available as a free gift with a mobile phone contract. Game on!

Here’s our view on what makes the Xbox One a great gift to pair up with a smartphone.

Why the Xbox One?

Microsoft knows that the average living room is cluttered with boxes that are too stubborn to communicate with one another. Your hoard of remote controls, only add to the chaos. Wouldn’t it be splendid if there was a device which could communicate with your TV, interact with you on entering the room and provide every source of entertainment you need? It’s more than just a games console, it’s the Xbox One.

Free Xbox One with mobile phone

Crazy Gestures

A first glance at the home screen of the Xbox One will remind users of the new Windows 8 experience. It appears consistent with their desktop, tablet and mobile layouts, which can’t be a bad thing! Using the compulsory Kinect sensor, the movements of your hands let you multitask around the menus with ease. Beat that Thomas A. Anderson!

Accept Skype calls while you’re pretty much doing anything. It’s not just one to one’s either, as Skype on the Xbox One lets you dive in on a big group call.

In fact you can weave in and out of all your favourite multimedia. Jump between games, live TV, music and movies with the sound of your voice. No need to switch wires behind the TV or pick up your remote and change inputs.

Free Xbox One with Windows Phone contract.

Windows Phone integration with Xbox One

Using the Xbox One with a Windows Phone is an even greater reason why your remote control will RIP under 6 inches of dust. Currently the Xbox app on Windows Phone offers branded games and connection to your Xbox Live profile. With the Xbox One launch, your Windows Phone can be used as an interactive remote to your on screen action. Control the Xbox One internet directly from your Windows Phone 8 device. Alternatively the smartphone can display related content on your phone whilst watching a video. There’s more details to follow on what the Windows Phone integration with Xbox One will offer.

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How much does the Xbox One cost?

With more goodness stuffed in than a Christmas turkey, we’re unlikely to see an Xbox One price which leaves agrees with the gaming elite. As current rumours suggest a price tag of between £400 and £600, the Xbox One is likely to cost too much; and that’s before you’ve even had a look at which game to buy. By buying the Xbox One with a mobile phone contract, you don’t have to worry about saving up money; it’s all covered by the direct debit to your mobile network.

Xbox One UK release date

Though the Xbox One looks set to take the world by storm, an official release date is yet to be announced. As with the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4, we can guarantee that the Xbox One has every intention of squeezing into the Christmas stockings of 2013. The official release date of the Xbox One should be announced at the E3 conference next week. We predict September.

With next generation gaming just a tap away, we know the Xbox One as a free gift is a great shout with a Windows Phone mobile contract. Keep close and we’ll give you all the info you need as soon as official Xbox One pre-orders are available.

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