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Published on April 10th, 2014 | by Abby


Why the HTC Desire 310 is Great Value for Money

HTC looks to be taking on every possible front, targeting the high-end market with the recently released HTC One M8 with it’s top end features, and now wading into the budget market with the Desire 310.

But whilst you might know nearly everything about the M8, the Desire 310 has probably slipped in under the radar this month.

Well you don’t have to worry because we are here to help you learn about  one of HTC’s latest  releases which is set to be one of the best budget smartphones of 2014.

Desirable HTC Specs (Pardon the pun)

When the Desire 310 was officially announced back in January, plenty of us were just expecting another ordinary smartphone which was light on your bank balance. however, this handset is different.

Boasting a quad-core 1.3GHz processor alongside a 4.5-inch display, the Desire 310 stands up to every standard smartphone task you’ll throw at it. With 1GB RAM under the hood as well, multitasking is a piece of technologically-sound cake. In fact, the only real issue that some users may have is the slightly downsized 4GB internal storage, but this can be easily expanded through the use of a MicroSD card.

Finally, packing a juicy 2000mAh battery, you don’t need to worry about running out of power when you’re out and about either, making for a very user-friendly and long lasting smartphone.

Is the HTC Desire 310 the Best Budget Smartphone so far this Year?

Desire 310 Features

If the specs didn’t win you over, the features definitely should, with HTC packing in as many pieces of software into the unassuming handset as it could.

The first feature is the home screen on the Desire 310, which is fully customisable to suit any new user’s tastes. If you value your social media over texts and calls, stick them on your home screen, but if you’re a sports addict, you can place the latest score sheets  on your opening screen instead.

Also, Offline Reading Mode is ideal for those who are looking to save their data, and brings forward a feature that is extremely well thought out. It works by saving any webpage you want when you go online, aallowing you to view the page afterwards without making you spend any more of your data.

So, we’ve covered customisation and money saving, what about entertainment?

HTC has brought BlinkFeed to the Desire 310 which is obviously great news considering its success on the likes of the HTC One and HTC One M8. This gives you all of the most relevant entertainment and information, right to your smartphone, without making you go out and search for it. Finally, Video Highlights Mode is the last feature to make the cut, which automatically generates videos accompanied by music, all without you having to break out any complicated editing software.

All of these together make for a brilliant, but also money conscious, smartphone sitting right in your pocket.

Is the 310 'Desirable' to you?

Classic HTC Design

HTC hasn’t let itself down on the Desire 310’s design either. Whilst it might not be quite as classy as the HTC One M8, which packs some brilliant features, the Desire 310 definitely doesn’t pull any punches on the design front. With its rounded style and 4.5-inch display, it would be an absolute sin to mark down the Desire’s looks.

Also, it’s available in an impressive array of colours, with blue, white and even bright orange versions of the handset looking to make their way into stores. So whilst the design might not be up to the standard of a flagship £500 smartphone, for its price tag of just £150, you’ll be getting a very fashionable phone.

The Verdict

The HTC Desire 310 is looking more and more like the budget smartphone of 2014 without a doubt, offering up a good list of specs next to some useful features. Whilst it might not pack the power that some flagship handsets do, for its price, you won’t be complaining about those details anytime soon. If you aren’t bothered too much about having an expensive handset, the HTC Desire 310 could be right down your alley.

If you fancy taking a look at the latest HTC smartphones and possibly want to pick one up, why not take a look at our selection of the best HTC deals?

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