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Published on October 16th, 2014 | by Abby


Incredible message features on the iPhone 6 – iOS 8

Apple’s WWDC revealed a tonne of information about the new Apple operating system which hit our iPhones last September, with HealthKit and HomeKit taking the majority of the spotlight. But another part of our smartphones is set to get a healthy boost from iOS 8 too; and that feature is iOS 8 messages.

It isn’t the flashiest of features by any means, but text messages are one of the most popular forms of communication alongside email and instant messaging, making it pretty important if you ask us. So, what has Apple done to change the way we send messages to one another? Let’s take a look!

Share More on iOS 8

Text messaging is no longer about just linking together a load of words to spell out a sentence, don’t get us wrong that’s still an integral part of your standard text message, but Apple is now working on bringing in the ability to share all sorts of things via text. In fact, three new ways of improving our text messaging antics are making their way onto iOS 8…


We all have that one friend who say’s ‘on my way’ when really their still tucked up in bed or sat on the sofa Keeping up with the Kardashians. Well now there’s a way for you to catch them out, and that’s by iOS 8’s location sharing feature.

If your friend shares location data with you, you will quickly and easily be able to see just where they are when they sent their last message. Of course, this feature also has a helpful way of getting directions if you happen to be lost when finding your way to your best friend’s house.


Vine, Instagram and YouTube are common apps on almost every smartphone nowadays, and all of them obviously favour video as form of communication. Apple has recognised this, and with iOS 8, allows you to send video clips through text message.

So, if you need to send over a video of incredible importance, or if your dog is pulling a funny face that you simply have to share with someone, iOS 8 has you covered.


Similarly to video, audio is a hugely popular form of communication; just try imagining going an hour without saying anything to anyone during your work day!

iOS 8 helps support this by allowing you to share audio as a message, the person on the other end can then hit the play button to listen to it, or if it’s more sensitive information, they can hold the phone to their ear and listen more discreetly.

Ever wonder just where your friend actually is when they sent that last message?

iPhone Group Messaging

Texting just one person is so 90s, now we can have conversations with groups of us all at once. Apple has helped improve this feature ready for iOS 8 to make sure that your group message is as easy to handle as ever.

Naming a group message is a welcome addition with iOS 8, meaning it’s no longer a random set of texts from Tom, Paul and Liam; it’s now a detailed set of information about what happened on their big night out. Also, if all the texts are proving too much, you can quickly and easily drop out of the group, or use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to give you a few minutes off.

iPhone 6 Keyboard

The core principle of text messaging is still obviously the ability to type and send information from one person to another, and with the new iOS 8 keyboard, you’ll be handling texts quicker than ever.

Apple’s new QuickType feature offers up predictive text that recognises your language style, meaning texts to your friends will be helped along with casual words, whilst messages to your parents will feature more civil suggestions. Whilst acting as a bit of a dictionary, if also helps increases text speeds, which is an obvious advantage if you are extremely time restricted.

Finally, with the technology being opened up to developers, new keyboard features are able to make their way onto your iPhone if you so choose, meaning much loved apps like Swype could be implemented as well.

Could these new features revolutionise the text messages we send today?

Best iOS 8 message features

iOS 8 is looking like the serial text messenger’s dream operating system, adding plenty of features as well as improving speed. It looks like iPhone users could be sending plenty more messages with the new iPhone 6 on the shelves.

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