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Published on June 17th, 2014 | by Abby


Head to Head! LG G3 vs LG G2 Review

The LG G2 wowed Android fans everywhere with its fresh take on your usual flagship handset. But now the LG G3 has officially been unveiled featuring, wait for it, a laser beam. Yes you heard right. So with that, along with a whole host of other impressive features on board, we take a look at how the G3 compares to its predecessor…

LG Power Upgrade

We were definitely spoilt when it came down to the specs with the LG G2, which packed a 5.2-inch display, up to 32GB internal memory and 2GB RAM, making for a deceivingly powerful handset. LG isn’t resting on its laurels though with the G3, taking the G2’s template and upgrading in almost every department.

The first notable upgrade is in the G3’s display, growing a third of an inch to make for a 5.5” True HD IPS+ QHD display which packs in a whopping 534 pixels per inch- a sizeable improvement over the G2. The memory’s staying the same though, with LG settling with the 16GB and 32GB options which are still universally accepted across the market. LG has included a memory card slot this time around though, giving users the option of increasing their storage capabilities by up to 128GB, something that wasn’t available on the G2. So LG G3 users rest assured, there’ll be plenty of space to store your selfies, music tracks and episodes of Breaking Bad!

It doesn’t stop here though, with LG offering users a 3GB RAM version of the soon-to-be released G3 handset. Whilst this is certain to rattle your bank account slightly more than the standard 2GB option, it will certainly cater for the power-hunting consumers out there.

Finally, the LG G3 tops off its dominance over its predecessor by featuring a Snapdragon 801 chipset and quad-core 2.5GHz processor, giving the G3 a much better performance over the G2’s 800 chipset and 2.26GHz processor.


LG G2 vs LG G3 review

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Brand New LG Features perfect for partying!

Upgrading the tech inside a smartphone is one thing, but adding a brand new set of features is a must for any new handset, and LG hasn’t failed here either.

LG is renowned for bringing intuitive and functional features into its handsets, and one which has definitely got some attention with the G3 is the laser autofocus feature that is included in the handset’s 13 megapixel camera. Whilst this might appear a little gimmicky at first, the science behind the kit means it totally makes sense. The feature works by measuring the distance between the camera and its subject, generating crystal clear photos with zero blur. Laser autofocus also makes the camera focus incredibly quickly, shaving plenty of time off those drunken night out snaps which you’re quick to delete the next morning!

Wireless charging, Knock Code and the 1W loudspeaker all make their way onto the G3 as well, with the loudspeaker also sporting a brand new boost mode to really get the party going before you head out to hit the town.

LG G2 versus G3 Design Changes

If you’re more interested in how your smartphone looks compared to what it actually does, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the LG G3. Featuring a metallic skin over the entire back side of the case, the G3 merges the premium look of brushed metal, with a plastic lightweight feel.

LG has listened to its fan base as well, making the back case removable, so that users can carry a spare battery around just in case the worst happens and the G3’s battery dies without warning. The incredibly beautiful display covers the front side of the handset, whilst the back features the same volume rocker and power button style as seen on the G2, only seeing a couple ergonomic alterations.

LG G2 vs LG G3 - front design

G2 vs G3 Camera

The only area of the handset which has really stayed the same from the G2 to the G3 is the camera, which has kept the 13 megapixel rating and 2.1 megapixel selfie snapper above the display. The aforementioned laser autofocus is an obvious addition, and on top of that LG has improved its OIS+ technology to make the G2’s already smooth viewfinder even less shaky than before. The cameras user interface has also been cleared up, something that many thought was a necessary change as sometimes the G2’s camera felt a little bit over complicated, especially if you were planning on just grabbing a quick picture.

The image quality is just as good as before, which definitely isn’t the worst thing in the world, but some users will be disappointed by the lack of vision from LG on this front, with manufacturers like Samsung and Sony upgrading their lenses over the past months. However, we’re happy to take this blow considering the improvements that have been made over the rest of the handset.


When it comes down to it, the LG G3 has improved over its predecessor in every category, whether it’s the brand new display, or the subtly improved design. Whilst the G2 was definitely a great phone, it’s well worth skipping over for the G3.

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