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Published on August 24th, 2012 | by Rob


Recommended Mobile phones for Children

It’s no longer just adults who are using mobile phones; the market for mobile phones for children has grown dramatically. Many children now have a mobile phone and the age at which children get their first phone is getting younger and younger. I’m sure you’ve seen children using mobile phones everywhere and figures from the National Literacy Trust suggest that 86% of school-age children own a mobile phone. As mobile phones are becoming almost a necessity for children, it is important to ensure mobile safety for children.

The best way to monitor how much your child is spending on their phone bill is to get them a pay as you go phone. They are easier to track in terms of spending and will make your child more wary of how much they have to spend on their phone. With pre-pay tariffs, your child will only be able to make calls and send texts when they have enough credit. This also gives the parent peace of mind as they know they can’t end up with a huge phone bill at the end of the month! When thinking about mobile phones for kids, the cost is definitely a huge factor to consider.

Alternatively if your child is older, you may find that it’s easier to switch to a contract. This could even be in the form of a SIM only deal as you can sign up for one month rolling contracts and easily switch back to pay as you go if you feel that it doesn’t suit you.
mobile phones for children
After deciding what type of phone and tariff is best for your child, it’s important to consider safety. There are networks dedicated to the safety of children and young mobile phone users. For example Bemilo is a safety focused mobile network that is designed for children and managed by parents. With this network, parents are able to monitor who their children can contact and also who can contact them. As well as this, Bemilo allows parents to control what time during the day that their child can use their phone and monitor when they browse the internet. Other mobile networks will have their own policy on browsing and content protection, so it would be good to research what protections they offer and see if they have any protection plans for mobile phones for children. Check out our blog on ‘Beat bullying with the Bemilo Network‘.

Some recommended mobile phones for kids include the Nokia 100, Nokia Asha 201 and LG Optimus L3. The Nokia 100 is a basic handset that is reliable and has a large battery, which means it won’t need charging as much and will keep running even if you forget to charge it regularly. The Nokia Asha 201 has a fantastic QWERTY keyboard including apps such as Nokia Social, which is great if you’re using Facebook and Twitter regularly. The LG Optimus L3 is a nice smartphone that runs on Android so you have access to thousands of Android apps and games. There are plenty more mobile phones to choose from so take a look at some of our best deals.
Mobile phones for children


There’s a range of options to choose from, including what type of tariff you choose, to the network and the handset. Safety is key when it comes to mobile phones for kids, so it’s important to consider these things when investing in a mobile phone for your child.


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