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Screen Size for the Apple iPhone 6 Display

Most iPhone fans will by this point be pretty resigned to the idea that Apple’s next handset is going to stick with the four inch screen size established last year by the iPhone 5.

Even if the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C arrives in September complete with a higher resolution panel, it probably won’t satisfy some people’s desire for a bigger screen to compete with Android rivals.

But when it comes to the iPhone 6 display size, things are looking much more positive. A range of different rumours which have surfaced over the last few months suggest that Apple could be planning something quite special for its 2014 flagship, which might be enough to lift your spirits even if you will have to wait until next September to get it.

Here is a breakdown of what various industry sources are talking about at the moment. We are so far from the iPhone 6 launch that it is difficult to make any solid statements, but scouring the web throws up enough bits of information to formulate something coherent.

Great expectations

The question of whether the iPhone 6 display will feature a bigger size and better resolution seems like it has been answered, with most observers agreeing that Apple is going to go large in 2014. The question, then, is how big it is willing to make the next iPhone’s screen and whether it will have any tangible benefits.

Reports from China Times earlier this year claimed that there will be an iPhone with a 4.8 inch screen hitting stores in the next generation, which means it will be roughly the same size as something like the HTC One and a fraction smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Some sources have said that Apple will actually be creating three, not just two, iterations of the iPhone 6, with each possessing a different screen size to help it stand out. This could result in a 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch iPhone 6 display to go alongside the cheapest four inch unit further down the line.

Pushing the boundaries of likelihood even further are reports that the iPhone 6 will have a 6.2 inch screen, pushing it dangerously close to tablet territory and ensuring that it snaps at the heels of the iPad Mini’s market share.

Apple would not be the only manufacturer to look at creating a device to slot into this market segment, although it might confuse customers if it produces too many different iPhone options.

iPhone 6 Display – Resolution round-up

As the size of the iPhone 6 screen increases, so too will its resolution. The iPhone 6 Retina Display has to have a higher population of pixels because it will cover a larger area and so levels of clarity and pixel density will need to be maintained.

Fans are hopefully that the iPhone 5S might get a 1080p full HD screen courtesy of manufacturer Sharp, which would give Apple’s next handset a fighting chance in 2013.

If this turns out to be a false assumption then you can guarantee that it will be onboard the iPhone 6 in 2014, because the idea of Apple sticking with the current Retina Display resolution will be unthinkable by then and would put it at a serious competitive disadvantage.

Certain concept designs have suggested that the iPhone 6 display could have a screen that stretches from one edge to the other with no border getting in the way, or even use a wrap-around display that coats the entire phone.

There is no way to be sure of Apple’s plans until it conducts the official launch of the iPhone 6. But a larger, higher resolution iPhone 6 display will be a hotly anticipated feature if it ever makes it off the drawing board. So for now you may have to satisfy yourselves with the smaller sizes of the upcoming 5S and sC.

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