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Published on January 26th, 2012 | by Rob


James Bond tech with Brookstone Wi-Fi Cufflinks

As human beings, we have a fascinating connection with technology, with making advances and development in what services and features are available to us daily through the world of tech.  Brookstone are a company that is glad of this desire for new convenience and functionality in tech and are proudly promoting their new product: Wi-Fi cufflinks.  That’s right, a pair of smooth, polished silver, pretty darn premium cufflinks which are also a Wi-Fi hotspot.  The Brookstone Wi-Fi Cufflinks are pretty clever hey?

This premium Wi-Fi cufflinks, have a detachable USB compartment which creates your Wi-Fi hotspot and instantly enable connectivity to the internet.  There’s even a handy 2GB of storage within the cufflink, so looking smart has never been so practical.  Once you have downloaded the relevant software and drivers, it’s simply plug in and play and you can not only be the talk of the office but also live out that fantasy of pretending to be James Bond.  You could even nominate a male member of staff in the office who’s ‘getting on a bit’ to be your Q, everyone’s a winner!

Now with any cool, kick ass piece of tech, there’s usually a catch.  Sometime its that it requires all the batteries under the sun, is too fragile, is prone to problems and breakages, or there’s the cost.  And the cost is where the low blow lies with Brookstone’s Wi-Fi Cufflinks, they will set you back a cool $250, or about £180 in UK once you’ve paid for shipping.  Ouch.  Well, you never heard Bond complaining about the price of gadgets did you, it costs to look this cool!

What do you think of the Brookstone Wi-Fi Cufflinks? Drop us a comment below….

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