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Celebrities and their smartphones revealed

We’ve all seen them. The snapshot of the celebrity, on the front of the magazines we grab at the train station to read on our travels. They are everywhere. In this crazy world of fame and fortune, it’s difficult to avoid checking out the latest Cheryl Cole haircut or the new girl on Harry Styles’ arm.

Celebrities are famous because they ride the wave of the next big thing and make sure they get photographed doing it. So, in the world of celebrity, which is the coolest smartphone to get snapped with? What smartphone do they tweet with? Which brand do they choose to endorse? Read on as we reveal the trendiest smartphones with an official cool stamp from the people we love to follow.

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Celebrities who use iPhone

Celebrity Smartphones - Who uses Apple iPhone?

Whether they are snapped chatting away on their iPhone 5 or being paid to promote a feature, Apple is a favourite amongst some of the world biggest stars.

To promote the iPhone 4S, Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschannel demonstrated the genius of Siri iOS software. Whilst Deschannel commands Siri to play music on her stereo, Samuel L Jackson uses it to help create a romantic night for his wife. With his assistant by his side, the Hollywood bad-ass is able to cancel appointments, create reminders and convert units making sure the cooking for his date night goes smoothly. Thankfully Siri is reliable, as the last thing Apple would want is Samuel L Jackson going Pulp Fiction crazy over some incorrectly weighed risotto.

If you’re wondering what smartphone Justin Bieber uses, just follow him on Twitter. Heaps of self-taken photographs taken in a mirror reveal that he is an iPhone 5 lover. You can also find these pictures hanging on the walls of teenage girls all over the world, not forgetting the corridors of Apple headquarters.

Celebrities endorsed by Samsung

As part as a broader deal between Samsung and Roc Nation, 1 million copies of Jay Z’s new album Magna Carta were given away to lucky owners of the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2. The album could be downloaded through Samsung’s Google Play store a whole three days before the rest of his fans. Jay Z not only receives a guaranteed $5m from Samsung, the deal is also promoting Magna Carta and further raising his already shining profile. It seems that Jay Z may have 99 problems but Samsung certainly isn’t one.

Superstars such as Nicole Scherzinger and The Saturdays have been papped sporting a Samsung Galaxy S3 but it seems that the Galaxy S4 has received attention for the wrong reasons. Spanish tennis player David Ferrer sent out a tweet to more than 350,000 followers stating that he was very happy with his #GalaxyS4 and that he was configuring S Health on my new #GalaxyS4 to help with training @SamsungMobile. Unfortunately, the sports star sent the tweet from his iPhone. Advantage Apple.

Celebrities who use the Apple iPhone - David Ferrer

Celebs who love Blackberry

Celebrity Smartphones - Who uses BlackBerry smartphones
BlackBerry unveiled their new Global Creative-Director earlier this year and most of us were a little bit shocked when we recognised the woman in a suit to be global superstar Alicia Keys. For her first move in the company, Keys has been asking fans to submit photos of themselves from their Blackberry handset, which will be included in her on-tour music videos. However, celebrity product tie-ins are always a tricky thing. In another Twitter outing, naughty Alicia has been sending tweets from her iPhone. With hits titled Troubles and Fallin’, Blackberry should have seen this social-media scandal coming.

It’s not all bad though, Blackberry is still a hit amongst some of the world’s biggest celebrities. Hollywood hotties such as Christina Ricci, Rachel Bilson and Chloë Moretz were seen hanging at the Blackberry Z10 launch earlier this year. And we can’t forget Barack Obama’s love affair with the brand. He’s outwardly shared his on-going love for Blackberry revealing that “It’s like Inspector Gadget. If you touched it, it might blow up. It turns into a car if I have to make a quick getaway.” Oh how we wish we had his BBM pin.

Windows Phone 8

This Morning presenter and Celebrity Juice favourite Holly Willoughby is the new star in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 advert. Contrary to popular belief, Willoughby doesn’t actually live in our televisions waiting to pop up on every single channel. In fact, when she’s not working she’s a regular wife and mum. Demonstrating the ability to personalise the Live Tiles menu, Holly favours its Kids Corner feature which allows parents to set child restrictions on their smartphone.

Even with a great range of smartphones to pick from, celebs like Rihanna just can’t decide which one to keep. The star has been snapped with a HTC One X, iPhone 5 and a range of Blackberry’s over the years proving that she really is Unfaithful.

So now you know which smartphones the stars officially consider hip and trendy, which one do you want to showcase?~


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