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Published on February 7th, 2013 | by Rob


Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2 showdown

As I’m sure all you tech-savvy people have heard, there are rumours about the possible release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 flying around. There have been speculations around the design, specifications and release date of this new handset that is due to be released by Samsung later this year. But one interesting aspect to consider is how the next Samsung Galaxy handset measures up to its supersized brother. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that was released in 2012 is a great example of a top selling smartphone (or as some refer to, as the phablet) that could be competing with the Galaxy S4 this year. I’m going to compare the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2 to see how they differ.

Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 release date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was one of Samsung’s biggest releases in 2012 and was a top selling handset. With the huge display that almost puts it into the tablet category, the handset has been in high demand. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was announced in August 2012 at IFA in Berlin & since Samsung unveiled this handset at an event, there are now rumours that the Galaxy S4 will be announced at MWC in Barcelona at the end of February 2013. This seems a likely date as it was the same event in 2011 that the Samsung Galaxy S2 was launched. Coincidence or good planning? Alternatively, Samsung may repeat their own Galaxy S3 event with an S4 launch party between March and May 2013.

Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 design

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumoured to have a thin frame and a larger display than the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy Note 2 has a very large display at 5.5 inches where some people would find it difficult to hold with one hand, but it serves the need for user looking for a sharp big screen experience. It is highly doubtful the Galaxy S4 will have such a large display, as rumours suggest a 5.0 inch screen; a mere 0.2 larger than the Galaxy S3. Although this is a large display, it doesn’t quite fit into the phablet category, but would still be competing as one of the larger smartphones displays that will be available. Comparing the design of the Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 the S4 screen is likely to take up a largely proportion of the front of the handset. Expect to see a trimmed down S4 with less bezel space around the edges.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 camera

With rumours that the Galaxy S4 could have a camera that is 13 megapixels, many photo enthusiasts will be excited by this as it is an improvement from the Galaxy S3 and Note 2. The Galaxy Note 2 has an 8.0 megapixel camera with a 1080p video, so the next Samsung Galaxy handset is likely to have a much better camera, making it the best camera on a Samsung Galaxy handset yet.

Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 software

Though a new Android operating system is expected to be announced at the Google I/O conference in May, Samsung will almost certainly release their Galaxy S4 prior to this date. Stamping a big NO on the speculation of Android 5.0 (Android Key Lime Pie OS), Samsung fans are likely to see the Galaxy S4 ship with Android Jelly Bean 4.2 out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2This provides a slight edge against the current batch of Note 2 users who do their day to day on Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Tweaking the Google experience ever so slightly, Android 4.2 takes Jelly Bean to a higher level, with a new Photo Sphere camera feature, improved Google Now responses and a faster user experience. Though Android 5.0 won’t be available with the Samsung Galaxy S4 immediately, it’s safe to assume an update for Key Lime Pie will roll out to major Samsung smartphones in the late summer.

Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 price

As discussed in one of my recent blogs about Galaxy S4 rumours, it is likely that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be at least £499. This is because rumoured specs suggest that it will have a higher spec than the Galaxy S3. If the Galaxy S4 arrives at the suggested price, then this will be slightly higher than the Note 2 which is around £450 to buy. However this is to be expected with the anticipated release of another player in the high end smartphone market. The Galaxy S4 vs Note 2 price differences will  favour those after the bigger Note device.

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