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Published on January 26th, 2014 | by Abby


Are Samsung smartphones about to take over the world?

Samsung has recently overtaken Apple as the world’s most profitable mobile phone manufacturer, and has beaten Apple to the title of manufacturer with most global smartphone shipments. Towards the end of 2013 Samsung was outselling every other smartphone maker combined, selling 81.2 million smartphones just in the last quarter, according to figures from IDC.

The secret of Samsung’s success is its accessibility for everyone. Samsung seems to have a device in every size and shape, and for every user in mind. Rather than just concentrating on one end of the market, as Apple does with its premium level iPhones, Samsung aims to have a phone for anyone – whatever their budget or needs.

A Samsung phone in every size

Samsung has got its finger in every sized pie, with compact smartphones, large smartphones, phablets and tablets.

Samsung’s flagship smartphones are the Galaxy series – the current flagship model being the Galaxy S4, which sold 70% faster than its predecessor the S3. The S4 has not even been out for a year yet, but the S5 is not far away, rumoured to be making an appearance on 23rd February. So there is even choice between the top end Samsungs, meaning you don’t even have to consider the likes of Sony, HTC or Nokia when you come to buy a new phone.

Samsung also make lower range smartphones for the customer on a budget, with models such as the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Y.

In the middle of these are handsets such as the S4 Mini, the S4’s smaller, simpler and cheaper cousin.

Samsung has even entered the phablet game with the Note series, the latest of which is the Note 3, released September 2013. Designed for business users, the Note 3 is undoubtedly Samsung’s best phone yet, proving to be a strong contender for even Apple’s latest iPhone. Samsung sold a huge 10 million Note 3s in the first two months of its release.

Samsung phones size comparison

How many is TOO many?

Is Samsung is stretching itself too thin, trying to do too many things at once, at the price of innovation?

The differences between each new release are often slight, broaching the question why doesn’t Samsung just release new handsets only a couple of times a year, and make each one a lot different to the last?

At the first half of last year Samsung was announcing the release of a new smartphone at a rate of one a week!

Well this constant stream of releases doesn’t seem to be doing the company any harm – the fact that the company has overtaken Apple to lead the market shows that they’re doing something right! Rather than hoping everyone will want the one phone they release each year, perhaps Samsung are taking a more realistic approach, by releasing lots of different phones to appeal to lots of different people.

And it doesn’t stop at mobile phones either – Samsung is taking over the world all over the electronics industry, with televisions, fridges and washing machines, among other technological contraptions. Samsung doesn’t just want to dominate the mobile phone industry by conquering every corner of that market; the Korean company has proclaimed it is aiming to become the largest appliance manufacturer in the world by 2015. And good on them!

So is Samsung about to take over the world? It sure looks like it!


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