BlackBerry Q10 Video Review

15 Jul 2013

written by Rob

BlackBerry Q10 Video Review

In our latest YouTube upload, join us as we dive deep into a BlackBerry Q10 Video Review. As a major release from the Canadians, the Q10 see’s the return of the QWERTY smartphone in glorious fashion.

Grooved keys on the BlackBerry Q10 ensure your thumbs text and type happy at a fast pace. Combine the keyboard with swiping gestures on the 3.1 inch touchscreen for a really fluid user experience. We love the easy access users have to the BlackBerry Hub with an effortless Peek.

As a 4G smartphone, the BlackBerry Q10 is compatible with the UK’s fastest internet service. Mix this speed with a great browser experience as BlackBerry 10 currently offers the best mobile web browser experience. To see these features in action, watch our BlackBerry Q10 video review below.

BlackBerry Q10 Video Review

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Currently available in Black or White, the Q10 offers a premium design with coloured keys to match the exterior of the smartphone.

BlackBerry Q10 Black
BlackBerry Q10 White

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