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Published on October 28th, 2011 | by Rob


I’m a mobile phone, get me out of here!

From fashion disasters to the downright ghastly, from luminous colour schemes to the extraordinary, not all mobile phones are the kind to become one of your most prized possessions.  Nearly 4 Billion of us worldwide own a Mobile Phone but that didn’t stop the manufacturers letting these horrors through, these mobile phones are that bad that if you were seen with one in public, you too would scream ‘get me out of here!’.   Read on if you dare..


Samsung Z130Samsung Z130 – Released in 2005, the Samsung Z130 mobile phone looks more like an 80’s Walkie Talkie than a mobile handset.  The Screen rotation option was included by Samsung to allow users to make Widescreen video calls….. Oh dear, oh dear.  Of course if looking like a Power Ranger is your thing then you may still be able to find one but I can’t imagine it won many awards!  I think they should stick to making works of art like the ultra successful Samsung F480 Tocco or the M8800 Pixon mobile phones.  I’m a Samsung Z130 get me out of here!

Aiguru SV1 Aiguru SV1 – In this shocking experiment a Calculator, a Game Boy and some kind of mobile phone were fused together using a microwave.  That previous statement was a lie unfortunately but it’s safe to say, its one way to describe this stomach wrenching creation!   The Aiguru SV1 hails from the teams at Asus and Skype with the intention of being a video conferencing and communication device.  It’s yet to hit the shelves and from the look of it….. don’t hold your breath.  I’m an Aiguru SV1 get me out of here!

Tag Heuer MeridiistTag Heuer Meridiist – This concoction may look nearly acceptable on first glance, that is until you learn that it’s covered in crocodile skin with a price tag that bites of £3,500.  That’s right – Crocodile skin, who possibly cooked up the idea that crocodile skin would look good on a mobile phone?!  What’s next? Bluetooth headsets made from animal fur? Mobile phones built out of Ivory?  Tag Heuer – stick to making lovely watches, at least people will buy those!  I’m a Tag Heuer Meridiist get me out of here!

Virgin Switch_Back Virgin Switch_Back – You know it’s a bad start when you give a mobile phone a ridiculous title like the ‘Switch_Back’.  A phone that in its closed position looks like a cross between a spaceship and a remote control, it only gets worse once open. Even the ‘large hidden QWERTY keypad’ can’t save the Switch_Back from being a Switch_Off.  You would have thought Virgin would have learnt to stay away from wacky mobile phone styles after the tragedy known as The Virgin Lobster 700 TV.  I’m a Virgin Switch_Back get me out of here!

Telson F88Telson F88 – Is it a watch? Is it a phone? Is it a great idea turned horribly wrong? Yes! Its all three of those.  The F88 was designed to be a lightweight, compact communication device but unfortunately they just couldn’t pack it all into size.  What resulted was a product that would be at home in a ‘Dress up like a secret agent’ playset – bulky, robotic and ugly….downright awful.  I’m a Telson F88 get me out of here!




So there we have it, five phones that are absolute design disasters.  If you were to put any of these against an iPhone or one of the latest HTC or Samsung, it really would prove testament to how far mobile phones and smartphone have improved and developed in design.  Still, I have to be honest that Telson F88 would make you look like a secret agent from the future 😉

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