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Published on March 13th, 2014 | by Abby


Five Reasons You Need the Nokia 220 in your Life.

The Nokia 220 wasn’t the biggest release at this year’s MWC event, but we’re here to help show you why the Nokia 220 should be in your life, even if you’re a lover of those humongous flagship handsets!

The fact is, ‘feature phones’ like the Nokia 220 don’t pack the same power on paper compared to our latest smartphones, but they aren’t being made redundant just yet, and have some handy features which you might not realise…

All Nokia Phones can Handle a Beating…

How often have we dropped our flagship smartphones, looked down and prayed that the screen hasn’t shattered beyond recognition?

Even if you’ve never dropped your phone, you’re bound to have seen scratches and chips make their way onto your handset, and this isn’t something you need to worry about with the Nokia 220.

Like many feature phones (especially some of the older Nokia handsets), the 220 can take a real beating and gets right back up and comes back for more.

Don’t take this as license to go and throw the handset down the stairs for fun, but it will certainly stand up to things that our current touchscreen phones simply won’t.

The Nokia 220 has some Serious Stamina…

Think Mo Farah, Paula Radcliffe and Seb Coe, stick them together, and then double it: the Nokia 220 can seemingly run a marathon in terms of battery usage, and then some.

It’s a huge difference compared to our iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4s, which need at the very least a daily charge, or for us to cart a charger around with us wherever we go.

The Nokia 220 can last up to 24 days without a charge thanks to its 1100 mAh lithium-ion battery; imagine not charging our latest flagship handsets for that long! We doubt we’d even get it to start up again after that length of time!

If you’re tired of looking at your phone’s battery life diminish faster than your morning cuppa then maybe you should grab the 220 instead?

Can the Nokia 220 Last for nearly a Whole Month?

It’s a bit of a looker…

Can’t stand those ‘boring’ single colour smartphones? Well the 220 is right down your multi-coloured alley, offering five stunning colour options including the fluorescent yellow we loved on the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Blue, red, black and white also make their way onto the handset, giving all you fashion conscious phone-lovers out there something to shout about for sure.

This simple, but flashy design certainly wins it some fans, and definitely had us taking a second, third and fourth glance when we first caught sight of it.

Let’s get gaming!

With the game craze continuing on the smartphone market, it would be rude for the Nokia 220 to keep on the straight and narrow, so to keep you happy on the bus, train or the office (if your boss isn’t looking of course!), the Nokia 220 is packed with some great games.

The adrenaline pumping Asphalt 6 and the more sophisticated Block Breaker 3 are included on the handset along with four other pre-installed games to keep your mood happy, no matter how bad your day’s going!

You can even download plenty more games if you end up playing the first six to death!

Is the Nokia 220 Really Faster than our Flagship Phones?

It’s the Ultimate Festival Phone

Don’t fancy carting a £500 smartphone through the muddy puddles of Glastonbury, but still want a phone capable of handling all of your internet and media needs? Then why not get the Nokia 220, and slot your SIM card into it?

Not only is it cheap enough to risk losing at the festival itself, it is also splash-proof, meaning that no matter how many times you happen to take a tumble in the awful weather, which almost always makes an appearance around the festival time of year, the 220 will rock on without a problem.

The 220 can even keep the party going even when the acts aren’t on stage, with the ability to play music for a whopping 51 hours straight! You might not be able to keep partying for that long, but your Nokia 220 sure can!

Finally, the Nokia Xpress Internet Browser will keep you in touch with the world wide web, and with Facebook and Twitter pre-loaded onto the handset, you can show off all of your festival pictures and videos easily via social media.

Heart Nokia? If so, why not take a look at all of our full range of Nokia handsets!


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