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Published on April 28th, 2014 | by Abby


Nokia Lumia 630 vs 625: What’s new?

It’s been a good year for budget smartphone lovers out there, with Nokia leading the way with a host of cheap and cheerful handsets. One such handset was the Lumia 625, which won over plenty of users with its colourful design and superb build quality, but now there’s a new Lumia on the block.

The 630 is heading to the shelves this May, a full nine months after the 625, but what’s separating this latest budget handset from its older counterpart?


Nokia Specs

Nokia has topped the budget smartphone tables by including some great specs for rock-bottom prices, and this is what has made the Lumia 625 so successful.The same mantra has been used on the 630 as well, with Nokia sticking with the 5 megapixel camera, 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage space seen on the 625.

But the 630 isn’t a straight up copy of the 625 by any means, packing a quad-core 1.2GHz processor instead of the dual-core effort from the older handset.

The display’s seen a change as well, with the Lumia 630 offering up a slightly smaller 4.5” display which offers a sharper resolution than the 4.7” screen on the 625. The Lumia 630’s display also boasts Nokia’s Clearblack feature that improves the colours displayed on the screen, making for more vivid pictures and videos.

The 630 also sports a slightly smaller battery, but thanks to the smaller display and more efficient processor, this doesn’t translate to any real loss in battery life.

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Is the Nokia Lumia 630 the best budget smartphone?

Lumia 630 vs 625 Features:

If the specs didn’t impress you then the 630’s features definitely should, offering plenty more compared to its older compatriot.

The first major difference is that the Lumia 630 is able to swap and change its shell, enabling you to really show off your creative flair with a number of different colours on offer. This also allows access to the handset’s battery, meaning that you can carry a spare around with you if you think you might run out of juice throughout the day.

Heading into the handset, Nokia has included Windows Phone 8.1, as opposed to Windows Black on the Lumia 625.This makes the 630 one of the first handsets to feature the updated operating system, which features a brand new notification centre and its very own voice assistant, called Cortana, along with other additions. Whilst talk of Windows 8.1 being made available to the Lumia 625 has been mentioned now and then in online forums, it looks unlikely to be included in the roll out anytime soon, giving the Lumia 630 a distinct advantage.

Whilst the 630 is gaining plenty of features, it’s also keeping hold of some of the successful areas from the 625 as well, with Nokia MixRadio and HERE Maps both sticking around. This gives users of Nokia’s latest handset a great mix of older and newer features, offering up a great rounded experience, and one which won’t seem alien to those moving up from the 625 to the 630.

Do all of the Lumia's features make for a fantastic smartphone?

Should you buy the Nokia 630?

Whilst Nokia hasn’t exactly revolutionised the Lumia 625 with the 630’s specs, there are still more than enough changes to tempt users into upgrading.

Whether it’s the improved specs list, customisable design or updated operating system, the Lumia 630 definitely overtakes the 625 in nearly every area. Think of the Lumia 630 as an evolved version of the 625, packing better internal features and a superb customisable shell, and you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 630 has improved on an already stellar handset, making it one of the best budget handsets set to be released onto the smartphone market without a doubt.

Of course, if you fancy grabbing yourself a slightly ‘higher market’ smartphone, why not take a look at some of our great flagship smartphone deals, including the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8?


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