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Published on May 26th, 2014 | by Abby


Why the Nokia X Makes a Great Budget Handset

We’ve finally got used to seeing a Nokia Android phone in our midst, but  with the competition growing, will it be one of the best budget handsets of the year?

To help you make up your mind, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the Nokia X. So if you’re seriously considering picking up Nokia’s latest smartphone effort, keep on scrolling!

What is the Nokia X?

The Nokia X was finally revealed to a shocked crowd in Barcelona, sporting Google’s famous Android operating system rather than the Windows Phone experience expected from a Nokia smartphone.

Delving deeper, the Nokia X hosts a ‘hybrid’ operating system, mixing the Windows Phone style with Android functionality. This results in an incredibly simple- yet very intuitive- user interface, something you get used to after just a couple minutes of use.

At the same Barcelona event, Nokia also revealed the X+ and XL which both feature the same operating system, only with enhanced specs, to offer users more powerful variants of the handset.

Green Nokia X price

Nokia X Specifications

Behind the 4-inch display of the Nokia X, we’re treated to a typical set of specs from a budget smartphone, with 512MB RAM, 4GB of internal memory and a dual-core Snapdragon chipset making the cut. This gives the Nokia X an impressive running speed to keep up with your daily demands, whilst also keeping the price as low as possible.

If you’re big on your photography, you’ll find a 3.15 megapixel lens adorning the back of the Nokia handset. Whilst this might not compete with the latest iPhone or flagship device, when in action, the Nokia X really can produce some deceivingly beautiful images, especially when compared to other similarly priced smartphones.

Of course, if you opt for one of the Nokia X’s bigger brothers, you’ll find yourself packing more of a punch under the hood. The X+ for example, boasts a larger RAM, and includes a MicroSD card in the box, giving you twice as much room for all of your videos, music and apps. The XL, on the other hand, pushes the boat out even further by upping the screen size by an inch, including a more powerful snapper on the back and introducing a front facing lens as well.

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Typical Nokia Design

The first thing you notice about the Nokia X is its simplistic, yet fashionable design. The handset boasts a number different colour variations, including green, blue, orange, red, yellow, black and white, making it one of the more fashion conscious smartphones on the market.

The front of the handset is dominated by the X’s 480×800 display, with just the one capacitive button at the bottom of the screen acting as the home button. The volume rocker and lock button, along with the charger and headphone jack can all be found along the edge of the handset as you’d expect.

The build quality definitely sets the X apart from other similarly priced smartphones, with the X, X+ and XL feeling great to the touch with their soft-feel polycarbonate casing. The handsets are all surprisingly durable as well, despite their wallet-friendly price tag, being able to take their fair share of bumps and bruises without any issues.

Nokia X vs Nokia X+ vs Nokia XL - Android review

Should You Buy the Nokia X?

If you’re after a smartphone that offers up unmatched style and simplicity on a tight budget, then the Nokia X is a no-brainer. But if the specs are making you second guess, you could always shell out a little more cash for the X+ or XL.

The Android hybrid operating system is incredibly user friendly, and is ideal for users both young and old, as well as the more tech savvy amongst us. The camera, although not the most powerful on paper, is capable of taking some great snaps, especially if you opt for the XL. And with all of your usual Android apps on board, there’s no reason to doubt the Nokia X’s creative talents on the camera front!

Last and not least, the one stand-out feature of the Nokia X has got to be its price. The Nokia’s X’s price tag definitely couldn’t be any lower for the specs you’re getting, with the smartphone coming in at just £73 sim-free. The X+ will set you back slightly more at £81, but does include extra memory, whilst the XL will cost you around £90 for the bigger screen and improved camera lenses.

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