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Published on February 16th, 2012 | by Rob


Samsung Galaxy Nexus review

I have had the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for around two months now. It’s safe to say, my expectations have been met and surpassed. I could spend the whole day telling you about the Galaxy Nexus and all of its features, but let’s be realistic; you aren’t looking for an essay. So, what I have done is compose my favourite aspects and fit them into this small Samsung Galaxy Nexus review.

Super amoled - Samsung Galaxy Nexus ReviewI’ll begin where my personal journey began – when I first opened the box. I knew that the Galaxy Nexus was a big phone (4.65 inch super AMOLED touch screen to be precise), but I was still blown over by the size of it. Compared to my handset predecessor, the LG Optimus Black, the Galaxy Nexus is massive. Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love it. It has an amazing screen quality and a beautifully curved design that stands out from the crowd. It is big enough to get noticed (and to not lose), but isn’t too big to look like a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note and Dell Streak are a little too large for my average sized hands.

Next step after setting the phone up is playing with it a lot and then eventually, locking it. This brings with it several more awesome features. As you may well know, the Galaxy Nexus is the first handset to host the latest edition of Android (4.0), Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). This new version of Android is said to smooth out all of the rough edges of Gingerbread (2.3) and make the user experience and interaction all in all a whole lot better. And it doesn’t let you down. Now that the initial issues have been sorted, it is a great platform to use and the Galaxy Nexus really does it justice. ICS brings with it several new features in the locking function alone. If you go for the basic lock screen, you get two options – on the right is unlock, but on the left is the option to go straight to the camera. When this is accompanied by an almost instantaneous shutter time (another cool addition for ICS), you can get from lock to a captured image in just under 5 seconds!

The other lock feature new for the Galaxy Nexus is a bit of a ‘show off to your mates’ feature. Face Unlock – this allows the phone to be unlocked by the power of your face. Yes you read that correctly. The Galaxy Nexus can be unlocked by your face. It uses the front facing camera to recognise your facial features and unlocks itself.

The Galaxy Nexus/ICS brings with it an iPhone inspired feature. You can now have App folders on your home screens. The ability to categorise your app onto the home page is upon us. This feature for the Galaxy Nexus is a welcome addition for the heavy app downloaders like myself. I have separate folders for social media, games, shopping and news just to name a few. What would have been two or three screens full in the past, is now just half a dozen folders on my main home screen.

Multi tasking - Samsung Galaxy Nexus ReviewThe final feature that I want to mention is my personal favourite. The Galaxy Nexus has a dedicated multi-tasking icon at the bottom of the screen that allows you to quickly scroll through all of your open apps. A quick slide to the side of any given app will close it and free up some running ability for you to use. If you are anything like me, I tend to run a lot of apps, all at the same time. This is helped by the Galaxy Nexus’ 1.2GHz duel-core processor and it’s 1GB of RAM. With my old phone, I struggled to run 4 or 5 apps without the phone lagging or crashing on me! With this phone, I lose count of the number of running apps. This coupled with a pretty high powered battery gives for an app-solutely great experience.

So, it is safe to say that Samsung and Android have done themselves proud in the Galaxy Nexus another addition to the Galaxy range. It has all the features that a smartphone user could wish for, and some extra cherries on added on top to give the user an excellent overall experience. I’m sure that you have guessed this, but I really would suggest the Galaxy Nexus to anyone who is looking for a top of the range handset.

So how was our Samsung Galaxy Nexus review? And what are your thoughts on this smartphone, let us know below.

This Samsung Galaxy Nexus review was written by Carl Evans.

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