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Published on January 20th, 2014 | by Abby


Take Note of the Neo: The rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s success evident, it was no surprise to see rumours of a ‘lighter’ version of the handset start to make their way into the loop. But what’s the difference between the standard Note 3, and the smaller Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo?

Samsung showed its class with the original Note 3; it mixed overwhelming power under the hood with genuine beauty and practicality, but some consumers were left slightly overwhelmed by the enlarged size of the handset, cue the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite, or Neo as it’s now known.

The Neo is set to cut down on the size of the Note 3, whilst still trying to pack in as much power as possible, and as you can expect, there are some notable differences (pun intended!) between the two.

Smaller sized Galaxy Note

Obviously the main selling point for the Neo is its more diminutive size, making it easier to hold and use efficiently.

Whilst the Neo will still be classed as a phablet, it will certainly be smaller than the original Note 3, which weighed slightly under 170g.

There hasn’t been any official word on the size of the Neo, but it is expected to be a fair chunk lighter and smaller than the Note 3 (hence the name).

Still a large display

The Note 3 boasts a superb 5.7” Super AMOLED touch screen that was stuffed with  amazing display qualities, working brilliantly with Samsung’s S-pen stylus.

To help cut down the size, the Galaxy Neo’s screen has been trimmed down to a very respectable 5.55” Super AMOLED touch screen. This means that you only lose .15” on the standard Note 3, but if you find the Note 3 that bit too big, then the Neo might be just the thing for you.

One area that has taken a hit with the Neo is pixel density, cutting down from 386ppi to 265ppi. This change has been made to help make the device lighter and smaller but could alter the screen quality compared to the Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Hardcore hardware

As we mentioned before, the Note 3 was a true masterpiece in terms of hardware and offered superb power and speed, and the Note Neo keeps this focus completely intact.

Whilst the larger Note 3 features 3GB of RAM, the Neo boasts a 2GB RAM, more than enough to handle the rigours you would expect to go through with a phablet.

The Neo also cuts down on the processor front, dropping from two quad-core processors seen in the Note 3, to a quad-core and dual-core duo which is more than capable of handling a workload whilst cutting down the battery usage, price and size of the handset.

In terms of internal memory, the Note 3 offers three expandable memory options; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, whilst the Neo will sport just one single 16GB option, which is still expandable.

The last major change on the hardware front is the rear-mounted camera, dropping from 13 megapixels to 8 megapixels. Again this isn’t a massive reduction, and helps lower the price of the handset whilst still offering true Samsung quality.

All of these changes may seem like a lot, but these alterations are unlikely to dramatically affect the running of the handset. When all is said and done, the Samsung Galaxy Neo will still offer the same high tech quality and value for money that we have come to expect from the Samsung smartphone range.


Android KitKat pre-installed

Whilst we have seen multiple changes to the Note 3 Neo’s hardware, we won’t be seeing any in terms of software, with both the Neo and Note 3 running identical operating systems.

The Note 3 ran Android 4.3, which is now updateable to 4.4.2,  though we expect to see the Neo feature the latest Android OS straight out of the box, and receive updates at the same time as its bigger brother. With Android KitKat released and ready, we could well see the Neo launch with Google’s best operating system yet.

It’s simple enough to say that in terms of software, in the Note 3 Neo vs Note 3 battle, both handsets are on a level playing field.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Review

Cheaper than the Note 3

If you want to make some savings, the Neo is going to be the way to go without a doubt.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is undoubtedly the king of the phablets, but the Galaxy Neo provides users with much the same device which cuts down on both size and, more importantly, price.

Our e2 verdict on the Neo

Whilst the Note 3 is still the most powerful phone of the two, if you intend on saving some cash and having a smaller, easier to handle phablet at your side, then you should go with the Neo.

Both are phenomenal handsets, and it would be hard to go wrong  by opting for either. When it comes down to it, the real comparison between the two lies in the Note 3 vs Note 3 Neo is in the former’s slightly superior power compared to the Neo’s far friendlier price-tag.


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