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Published on March 8th, 2012 | by Rob


The New iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

This week saw the release of the new iPad, which Apple have named, erm, The New iPad. Surprising name choice aside, The New iPad packs enough improvements and enhancements to secure Apple’s position as heavyweight champions of the tablet world… or does it?
The tablet market is a crowded place, and Apple have very real competition out there from other high-end products that also pack a mean punch. Apple’s main rival at the moment is Samsung (on the mobile market, the Galaxy S2 is currently the biggest competitor to the iPhone 4S), and at last month’s MWC convention, the mobile giants unveiled their newest tablet. Samsung have opted for a more straightforward name for their sequel to The Samsung Galaxy Tab, which will be called The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
In such a competitive area, Apple and Samsung are both dusting off the boxing gloves for the latest iPad vs Galaxy Tab face-off. Here at e2save we’ve secured ring-side seats for this metaphorical rhumble in the technological jungle.

New iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:
The Weigh In

The New iPad – 650g
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 588g

The New iPad – 241 x 186 x 9.4mm
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 257 x 175 x 9.7mm

The New iPad – 9.7 inches
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 10.1 inches

The New iPad – 16GB/32GB/64GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 16GB/32GB

The new iPad camera

The New iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:
Round 1 – Camera

The New iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 both feature 1080p video recording capabilities, but it’s with the still images that The New iPad lands the first blow. If you like your pixels mega, then you’ll be impressed by The New iPad’s 5 megapixel rear facing camera compared to the 3 megapixel Samsung equivalent. It’s unclear quite why Samsung chose to include a lower spec camera on their new tablet; the technology is hardly out of reach, but that’s what they’ve gone with. Apple easily claim Round 1, as Samsung take this one on the chin.
Winner – The New iPad

The New iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:
Round 2 – Input/Output

Both tablets come with an audio jack, 30pin dock, and SIM card slot. The New iPad however, as with previous iPads, has no option to expand the storage capacity. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 lands its first victory with the inclusion of a Micro SD port.
Winner – Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung Galaxy tab 2

The New iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:
Round 3 – Display

At the pre-match weigh in, there wasn’t much to separate the two, although the Galaxy Tab’s 10.1 inch screen marginally overshadowed The New iPad’s 9.7 inches. However, size isn’t everything, as the old cliché goes, it’s what you do with it that counts, and Apple certainly know what they’re doing with the display. In terms of resolution, The Galaxy Tab 2 comes equipped with an impressive pixel density of 1280×800. The New iPad, however, has responded by bringing its much acclaimed Retina Display to a tablet for the first time, boasting an astonishing 2048×1536 display. This means The New iPad’s 264 pixel-per-inch display delivers a swift uppercut to The Galaxy Tab 2’s 149 pixel-per-inch, as Apple take the third round.
Winner – The New iPad

The New iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:
Round 4 – Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first to come with the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, an operating system that has met great reviews on handsets due to its enhanced speed, performance, and ease of use.Andriod has proven itself to be a highly popular choice of OS, and the rather tasty Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the best options available. Apple’s iOS 5.1 isn’t too much different from the 5.0, aside from redesigned menus and added support for HD playback. Nothing outstandingly new, but a solid footing as ever from Apple.
Winner – Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The New iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:
Round 5 – Performance

It’s a close round as both competitors arrive with excellent specs. The Galaxy Tab 2’s processor is a 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2, which ensures a smooth user experience and makes easy work of multi-tasking. This is narrowly outclassed by The New iPad’s Dual-Core Apple A5X, due to the inclusion of quad core graphics. This means that as well as running smoothly, your games and multimedia will look especially stunning on that HD screen.
Aside from the processor, surfing the web on The New iPad has the potential to be much quicker as it’s 4G enabled, compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2’s 3G. Admittedly 4G isn’t available in the UK just yet, but in such a close round, it’s worth mentioning.
The Samsung lands a few blows by being the only one to support Adobe Flash, but it’s not enough to take the round.
Winner – The New iPad

Champion – The New iPad!

It’s a well fought match, and the final result goes down to points rather than a knockout. Both tablets competed well, but The New iPad’s stunning graphics, high resolution screen and superior camera edge it to victory. There’s much to admire from both Apple and Samsung here, so why not sign up to the e2save tablet registration page, and keep up to date on new release dates and great deals for both items as they become available.

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