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Best smartphone deals

Best smartphone deals

Smartphones are for everyone. Stay in touch, communicate, be entertained and get connected with the latest technology. *Tariff cost by redemption.

Find out which is the best smartphone for you. Read our guides.

Check out our best smartphone deals below

Best smartphone deals on refurbished iPhone 4S

Free iPhone 5 16GB

From under £29.00 per month

With a Dual-core A5 chip. All new iPhone 5, remarkably slim and loaded with power. It's the most amazing iPhone yet.

Our cheapest smartphone deals on the Apple iPhone 5 v
Best smartphone deals on the iPhone 4S

Free iPhone 4S 16GB

From under £25 per month

With a Dual-core A5 chip. All new 8.0 megapixel camera and optics. iOS5 and iCloud. And introducing Siri. It's the most amazing iPhone yet.

Our cheapest smartphone deals on the iPhone 4Sv
Best smartphone deals on Samsung Galaxy Ace

Free Samsung Galaxy Ace

From under £10 per month

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is top of the deck and comes equipped with some of the latest technology and software to make it a welcome smartphone in anyones hand.

Our cheapest smartphone deals on the Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone running Android OS v
Best smartphone deals on Samsung Galaxy SIII

Free Samsung Galaxy SIII

From under £25 per month

The Next Samsung Galaxy has landed. With its stylishly design, the Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone was made to fit in your hand comfortably.

Our cheapest smartphone deals on the Samsung Galaxy SIII running Android OSv
Best smartphone deals on HTC One V


From under £25 per month

The pocket friendly HTC One mobile phone takes the iconic design of HTC in to the new smart phone age.

Our cheapest smartphone deals on the HTC One running Android OSv
Best smartphone deals on Nokia Lumia 520

Free Nokia Lumia 520

From under £15 per month

The Nokai Lumia 520 brings Windows 8 OS to the budget smartphone range. The Lumia 520 truly shows the capability even the cheaper smartphones have.

Our cheapest smartphone deals on the HTC One X running Androidv
Which smartphone are you

What smartphone are you?

Choosing a smartphone can be difficult with all the choice on offer. So first things first, smartphones are in simple terms 'smart' mobiles.

This means smartphone's have far superior technology than the traditional mobile phone and the best smartphones offer a whole world of features from apps, games, photography to high speed internet browsing.

Which smartphone are you

So what does this mean for you?

The advanced technology means that the
smartphone does all the hard work, offering
you the best user experience possible..

So if you're an avid gamer, a social networker, movie buff or on the go business person a smartphone is the perfect choice.

What features should you look for?

The main features are:

• Type of operating system
• Camera size
• Video recording capability
• Internet browsing
• Social networking
• Email and applications.

You can find a breakdown of all these in our jargon buster

What smartphone tariff should you go for?

Apart from your minutes and texts to consider, smartphones use one all important factor; internet data. Browsing the internet or undetaking simple tasks such as email & social networking don't use much data. However using your smartphone to download games & apps does.

Choosing the right data bundle will help you keep within your tariff limit and keep your monthly costs down. Most smartphones come with Wi-Fi offering free internet connection to a Wi-Fi hotspot, If you're out and about, saving your normal tariff allowance.

Smartphone video reviews

Check out our smartphone videos below

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BlackBerry 9800 Torch review

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Subscribe to our e2vids channel over on YouTube and be sure to stay up to date on our reviews of all the latest technology before you go out to buy.


Smartphone Operating Systems

Smartphones have different operating systems, with so many out there to choose from, we break it down so you know which one suits you.

Android Operating System

Android OS

Created by Google, the Android operating system provides an easy and user friendly to way to customise your phone. With multiple homescreens, widgets, shortcuts and more, it's a completely personalised smartphone experience.

What we love:
Over 250,000 apps, and having up to seven homescreens all customised to provide shortcuts to instantly access whatever you need, when you need it.

ios Operating System


The real start of the smartphone revolution, the Apple iOS operating system is what introduced us to the world of apps, now with over 400,000 apps available. With iOS 5 now available, Apple are constantly raising the bar of what is possible with a smartphone.

What we love:
As Apple say, there really is an App for anything, whatever you enjoy and with the largest selection of applications available you'll never get bored.

RIM Operating System


Developed by RIM (Research In Motion) which specialises in multi-tasking, email synchronisation, security and wireless technology. Perfect for the businessman, whilst its fantastic social networking integration and features such as BlackBerry Messenger and PIN messaging make BlackBerry a great choice for all.

What we love:
BlackBerry messenger is a fantastic communication tool for keeping in touch with friends and family sharing photos, videos, creating groups and so much more.

Symbian Operating System

Symbian OS

The Symbian operating system is recognised for its user friendy, simple layout and menus. Symbian has been cleverly developed to incorporate all new features whilst remaining true to the original Nokia look and familiarity that has made Nokia's a popular choice for over a decade.

What we love:
Smartphone made simple, Symbian provides interactivity, shortcuts, widgets, apps and more without the fear of getting lost!

Windows Operating System

Windows 7 OS

A compact operating system that is designed to be similar to the PC versions of Windows in terms of the way it looks and functions. Live tiles and hubs organise everything you love into easily accessible categories, allowing you to access virtually everything with one touch from your homescreen.

What we love:
Windows Phone 7 is integrated with Xbox Live, so it's a dream come true for gaming fans.

Smartphone Apps

Applications or 'apps' for short, are programs that have been specifically designed to improve, and expand your smartphone experience. All of the smartphone operating systems have their own store or marketplace to purchase and download apps.

App store

Apple App Store

Apple's App store has the largest selection of apps available, with a massive collection of over 350,000 available for download.

You can easily search by category or type of app and Apple even have a top 25 free and top 25 paid apps list, so you can see whats hot at the moment!

Our favourite apps:

Our favourite apps from the App Store

Visit the Apple app store

Android market

Android market

The Android Market has the largest percentage of free apps available and with over 250,000 apps available, with that number constantly rising, there is plenty to keep you occupied.

Once downloaded, the Android operating system makes it simple to re arrange and put your apps exactly where you want.

Our favourite apps:

Our favourite apps from the Android market

Visit the Android Market

Ovi store

Ovi store

The Ovi store was created by Nokia and as well as applications, Ovi also provides services such as Ovi Mail for email and Ovi Maps for navigation.

Once downloaded, the Android operating system makes it simple to re arrange and put your apps exactly where you want.

Our favourite apps:

Our favourite apps from the ovi store

Visit the Ovi Store

BlackBerry App World

blackberry app world

As BlackBerry put it: 'discover a world of possibilities' with BlackBerry App world.

Browse through thousands of apps for entertainment, lifestyle, social, gaming and more.

Our favourite apps:

Our favourite apps from the blackberry app world

Visit the BlackBerry App world

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Windows 7 marketplace

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is the newest destination for downloading apps and it's ready to transform your smartphone experience.

With integration from Xbox Live for the ultimate in gaming and Zune for all the music and videos you could possibly need, you'll never be bored again!

Our favourite apps:

Our favourite apps from the windows phone marketplace

Visit the Windows marketplace

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