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LG Contracts

LG smartphones are spot on if you want to stand out from the crowd. Cast your eye over their recent releases, and discover handsets bursting at the seams with tech.

£12.00 P/M

Save £384 Cashback by redemption

£16.00 P/M

Save £288 Cashback by redemption

£8.49 P/M

Save over £180 Cashback by redemption

£20.81 P/M

Save over £148 cashback by redemption

£22.96 P/M

Save £145 cashback by redemption

Dazzling displays

Nexus buddies

Heaps of extras

LG HD Display

LG whizz!

Always up for trying something new, LG could never be accused of laziness. Here’s one manufacturer you’ll never find having an early night with their feet up, watching Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

From flexible handsets to Quad HD displays, LG’s hardworking technicians have earned the brand a reputation for innovation.

The next Nexus

Commissioned by Google to produce a brilliant budget device, the LG Nexus 5X is kind of a big deal.

Rocking an eye-popping display, two awesome cameras, fingerprint security, and heaps of other great specs and features, the only budget thing about this smartphone is the price.

LG Nexus

Make new friends

Want to make your mobile go a little further? The LG G5 rocks a removable base, which can be replaced with different modules referred to by LG as ‘friends’.

Whether you want extra camera power or a supercharged speaker, this new innovation has plenty of potential to discover.

Perfect for any budget

Whether you’re shopping at the flagship or budget end of the market, you’ll find an LG smartphone jam-packed with potential, and eager to please.

And even the budget handsets have the power to turn heads.

LG Phones