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Nokia Contracts

Nokia devices are stacked with great features, such as Windows Live Tiles, MS Office, and the power of Cortana. With a bumper range to choose from, there’s a contract for everyone.

£5.83 P/M

Save £196 cashback by redemption


Why buy Nokia?

If you don’t mind us getting all Derren Brown on you, it’s time for a little mind-reading. We predict that… your first ever handset was a Nokia? Are we right? Back then, there was a Nokia in everyone’s pocket, and their classic design was so sturdy that recycled ones are often used as house bricks even to this day. Moving with the times, Nokia now produce some of the most desirable smartphones on the market, with their ground-breaking Lumia range. Not only do they continue to re-define mobile technology, but the Windows OS offers a welcome alternative to the Apple and Android titans.