Sorry T-Mobile lovers

the T-Mobile network is a thing of the past.

But dry your eyes, there’s nothing to worry about. Whether you’re after an upgrade or a new connection, your T-Mobile needs are now being taken care of by EE.

EE Deals

You’re no doubt aware that T-Mobile and Orange are owned by EE

But don’t take our word for it; see for yourself with our mind-blowing EE deals. However these two will both be taking early retirement as EE’s focus turns to providing the biggest 4G network in the country. But don’t worry yourself too much as T-Mobile call it a day, because with EE at the reigns the only way is up.


Enjoy the benefits of EE…

  • With more than 510 towns and cities covered by superfast internet connection, you’ll be surfing the web like a boss.
  • Grab your scarf and whistle, and get ready for priority access to tickets for all England’s Wembley games,
  • If football isn’t your thing, you can still get involved with discounts on hundreds of other live events with EE tickets.
  • There’s plenty of options for massive allowances, with some tariffs going as high as a 20GB per month. Perfect for those T-Mobile customers who love to chomp on data.