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4G Networks?


Vodafone Phone Deals

Fancy a contract that's bursting with extras? Vodafone Red Value Bundle 4G deals throw in free Spotify, Now TV, or Sky Sports subscriptions (excluding 2GB Red Value bundle). Can't argue with that my friend!

Why choose a Vodafone contract?

Keeping you connected

Vodafone give you tip top signal both inside and outside of home sweet home. It’s always advisable to double check ahead of a purchase though, so why not just pop your postcode into Vodafone’s coverage checker.

Ultrafast 4G

Vodafone have buddied up with O2 to share masts (they’re not merging, they’re just mast-mates), which means they now offer an even greater reach of super-fast 4G than ever before. That speedy connection is perfect for streaming from Vodafone’s Red Bundles, which give you the option of an Entertainment Pass from Now TV.

Vodafone 4G Network

When can I upgrade with Vodafone

If you’re a Vodafone customer and bored of your handset, then you have cause to celebrate. Vodafone offer the best upgrade timeframe on the market, allowing customers to renew their contract a whopping 75 days before their end date.

Explore with EuroTraveller

Pack your bags and head off somewhere sunny with EuroTraveller, which lets you take your UK minutes, texts and data bundles over to the continent for just £3 a day. Vodafone customers can text ADD to 40506 to stay in touch with those poor souls back home without worrying about the bill.

Vodafone EuroTraveller

Vodafone Data Test Drive

Unsure how much data you’ll rip through in a month? Data Test Drive is available on pay monthly or SIM-only deals, and lets you go nuts on unlimited data for the first two months of your agreement. After that, you’ll get the options to change your data allowance should you decide you need it.

Out and about

Back up all your files with a free 5GB cloud account to stash all your lovely downloads and content, or even request extra space at a small charge. If you’re in the capital, get connected on the move, with free Vodafone Wi-Fi on the London Underground.

Vodafone Cloud