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Free iPad Air and mini deals with mobile phone contracts

Free Apple iPad bundle with a mobile phone contract

Get a free iPad with your
mobile phone contract

At e2save we believe a free iPad is a great tech product to add to your mobile phone contract.

Buy a gift that's up to date such as the iPad Air 2 or choose a first generation iPad mini for a fraction of the price.

Free delivery - Your iPad will be
delivered 7 days after your phone.

Screen size
Free with your phone
Free iPad Air with your Mobile Phone Contract - Space Grey 16GB Wi-Fi

iPad Air 2 Space Grey

• 16GB Wi-Fi
• Fingerprint recognition

RRP £399 Free iPad

Free iPad with your Mobile Phone Contract - Apple iPad Air Bundle with Case

iPad Air + Case Bundle

• Space Grey 16GB Wi-Fi
• Free Leather Style Case

RRP £349 Free Bundle

Free iPad mini with Retina display with your Mobile Phone Contract - Space Grey 16GB Wi-Fi

iPad mini 3

• 16GB Wi-Fi
• A7 processor

RRP £319 Free iPad mini 3

Free iPad Air with your Mobile Phone Contract - Space Grey 16GB Wi-Fi

iPad mini Bundle

• 1st generation iPad Mini
• Leather style case

RRP £229 Free iPad mini

FAQ - Why buy an iPad?

When it comes to setting the precedent in the tablet market, Apple light the way with their premium iPad range. Nothing else comes close in terms of global sales. Fortunately with e2save, there’s no need to shell out a few hundred bob on an iPad upfront. Simply choose one as a free gift with your mobile phone contract, and look forward to owning an iconic device. It’s a great way to spread the expensive cost of a tablet into affordable monthly payments.

What's new with the iPad Air?

Now in its 5th generation, the new Apple iPad release is lighter and thinner than previous models making it more portable than ever. Enjoy the power of a responsive A7 chip that’s built with 64-bit architecture to deliver desktop performance and graphics in the palm of your hand. On the software front, a redesigned iOS 7 ignites bright colours and efficient design with smarter multitasking and longer battery performance.

How do the specs of iPad mini and iPad Air compare?

In 2012, Apple unveiled a cheaper iPad mini range. The more affordable iPad deals with a smaller 7.9 inch display and is currently available as 1st and 2nd generation tablets. The latest iPad Mini arrives with a mesmerising Retina display that’s great for watching movie content. For specs of iPad Mini (2nd gen) vs iPad Air, both tablets have the same A7 chip, twin HD cameras and iOS 7 operating system. Expect the excellence of a regular iPad; just on a smaller device. The iPad Mini (1st gen) uses an older A5 dual core processor and non retina display. Overall the first generation of iPad mini is very similar in spec to the Apple iPad 2.

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