Refurbished Mobile Phones

The Kings of Refurb bestow upon you the latest tech without the hefty price tag. Browse our refurbished mobiles and discover a cheaper way to get the smartphone you really want, because saving money matters.

What are refurbished mobile phones?

Does refurbished mean these phones were faulty?

Not necessarily. In many cases, a customer has changed their mind and returned the product without being used.

Some handsets are of course returned to us as faulty. Our dedicated boffins repair and test the devices and replace any serious damage to the handset.

12 month sim contracts

Are refurb models still covered by warranty?

Yes, they’re covered by exactly the same cover as brand new items. This means a 12 month retailer warranty with Carphone Warehouse, and the manufacturer warranty is also unaffected. Please check with individual manufacturers for their warranty periods.

Will it come with all the usual packaging?

Your refurbished device will not be factory sealed for obvious reasons. In many cases you also may receive your handset in a plain white factory box as opposed to the original branded packaging. But most of us just go straight for the tech and give the box to the cat to play with anyway.

12 month sim contracts

Are accessories included?

For hygiene reasons, some accessories such as headphones and hands-free devices will not be included. Although most accessories cannot be guaranteed, you’ll always get a USB cable and wall adapter so that you can power up right away.