4G Phone Deals

So you crave a need for speed, we dig your style. Our 4G mobile deals replace buffer boredom with the things you really want to use your phone for.

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Who’s fastest in my area?

Want the fastest network on your doorstep? Who doesn’t! Check out Opensignal who use crowd-sourced coverage data to bring you reliable 4g speeds for uploads and downloads.

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4G huh, what is it good for?

Absolutely everything you use your phone for nowadays. You have the essentials like flicking through Facebook, streaming vids, uploading pics or following directions on Google Maps. They’re all faster on a 4G connection. Beyond data, your phone calls become clearer, with better signal to boot. Success!

Does 3 do 4G?

They sure do! We don’t range 3 deals at e2save but if that floats your jet ski, check out our contracts on iD mobile. They piggyback coverage off the very network you’re looking for so you get iDentical 4G speeds and signal. There’s also international data roaming on shorter 12 month contracts. We know what you're thinking… shut up and take my money already!

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