Facebook- you’ve got to love it. Whether we’re bored at work or have just woken up, our thumbs always mysteriously manage to wander through the endless stream of posts, statuses and photos. But as much as we just can’t get enough of Facebook, there are always those select few Facebook stereotypes who without fail manage to make our eyes roll.

And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, maybe that person is you…

The couple

When you’re loved up, there’s no better place to post your lovely dovey photos and statuses proclaiming your love for each other. Well, except there is… in a private message.

Facebook couples post

The complainer

Everyone’s got at least one of these on their Facebook page- a complainer. The ‘I-hate-my-life-because-it’s-cold-outside-er’ or the ‘my-hair-got-wet-when-it-rained’ kind of friend.

facebook complainer

The selfie addict

“Let me take a selfie.” And another. And another. Ok, we get it, you love taking selfies. Now get off my Facebook wall and get back to Snapchat.

selfie ryan gosling

The mum/dad

There’s only one thing worse than having your parents on Facebook. And that’s when they constantly engage with you on Facebook. Whether it’s sending friend requests to all your mates or adding ‘LOL’ (that’s ‘lots of love’ right?) to every status you post, you just can’t seem to shake them off.

parents using facebook

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The quiz requester

You’ve logged onto Facebook to see you’ve got a nice shiny notification waiting for you. After you’ve got over the excitement you click on it, only to see that your great aunt Bessie has invited you to a game of Bejewelled. Or worse, Farmville.

facebook quiz request

The ‘fishing for attention’ status-er

Different from The Complainer, The ‘fishing for attention’ status maker gives a bit less away. You know, the ambiguous status that hints they’re having a bad day, or that person who checks into the hospital to make everyone ask why.

attention seeker facebook

There’s only one thing more annoying than The ‘fishing for attention’ status-er, however, and that’s when none of the commentators reveal what the big gossip actually is!

The party goer

There’s no time that’s worse in the Facebook calendar than Freshers’ week. Or perhaps every Saturday night. And bank holidays. And unless you were a member of the offending party who was out the night before, you’ll know that nobody cares about seeing your two thousand toilet-selfies and videos of your mate downing a pint of wine in seven seconds. Though, that is of course quite impressive.

facebook party goer selfie

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The exercise-aholic

When you’re crawling out from under the covers and cursing at your alarm in the morning, the last thing you need to see is The Exercise-aholic who has already been for a 17 mile run and a 2km swim before 7am.

Facebook workout

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The holiday maker

So you’re sat in the office on a gloomy October morning, and you spot that person, who always seems to be on holiday, posting pics of their hotdog legs for all to see.

facebook hotdog legs

The political activist

And last but not least is the political activist. We’ve all got one- whether it’s the hot headed feminist or the uninformed politician, Facebook always seems to become a soapbox for The Political Activist to shout about their opinions, however valid you find them to be…

political posts facebook

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