We all love our smartphones, so much so that we're using them much more than we should at work. Our survey revealed almost half of all respondents check their smartphones up to three times every 10 minutes at work.

In a typical nine to five job with an hour lunch break, this is means that in some cases, employees are checking their phones 126 separate times a day.

Helping us take on everyday challenges with ease, there's no doubting that smartphones have massively improved our lives, but with concentration and focus required in the workplace, maybe it's time we started reassessing our usage.

Use an older mobile during work hours

An innovative way to use your smartphone less at work is to not own a smartphone in the first place.

By using a rather feature-less model at work, you can concentrate on being more productive day in, day out.

Discover how much you're on your phone

Nobody wants to be caught on their phone at work. If you're looking to remind yourself how much you're using your smartphone, useful apps like Checky and Moment can accurately log your user habits.

By realising how much you're using your phone, this allows you to switch up your habits.

Time your use

Using your phone less at work requires practice so time your use! Of those surveyed, 28% claimed they never check their smartphone in a 10-minute period at work.

To join this crew, set personal timings on the clean-looking Ovo timer app for Android. First, try 15 minutes without touching your smartphone, steadily conquering half-an-hour and then 45 minutes! Practice makes perfect after all.

Switch your display to Grayscale

For iPhone owners, start using your device less by switching your display to Grayscale.

Most notifications incorporate red, a colour stimulating excitement, so avoid continually reaching for your phone by dimming things down via Settings > General > Accessibility > Grayscale.

Get rid of apps you don't use

It's true that some of us leave apps on our smartphones for weeks and months after we last used them.

Whether it’s a sports news app or one informing you about the weather, if they're no longer important to you, delete them. Deleting surplus apps limits the amount of alerts you may receive. The more you delete, the more focus you can place on your work - it's as simple as that!

Get reminded

A simple, yet effective way to curb your smartphone usage is to actually be told what you're meant to be doing instead.

If you've decided that you need a digital detox, download AppDetox, a useful Android app where you can structure set periods in the day to access social media and other popular apps. If you commit 'rule breaks' where you ignore your own schedule by accessing Snapchat, WhatsApp or so on, you'll be swiftly reminded - firm enough for some people to stay on task.

Challenge FOMO

Using your phone less at work means challenging FOMO - the fear of missing out. Nowadays, our phones allow us to remain in the loop about all manner of subjects simultaneously.

However, by simply placing your phone out of sight, in your pocket or drawer, and looking forward to an 'update break' at lunch, this can often be more rewarding.

Lock your phone

Quite simply, you won't be distracted if your phone is locked. A great way to stay on task, iOS and Android users can download the Flipd app which allows you to lock and restrict access to your phone for big chunks of the day.

Agree to a period of time in which you'll stay 'flipd off' with the 'full lock' option temporarily removing popular apps from your home screen.

Filter communications

Thanks to the Offtime app, available on iOS and Android, you can temporarily block popular apps like Facebook and WhatsApp to help you focus at work.

Not only does the app log user data and the time spent on your phone, it also allows you to restrict access to other applications for an effective practical solution.

Turn the whole thing off!

Turning your phone off may sound extreme but it is an effective measure to take for some.

Push notifications and blue light are avoided when the device is switched off. You'll miss out on hilarious group chat moments or perhaps a call from Mum or Dad but ultimately, you're maintaining ultimate professionalism while at work.

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