We all love to selfie now and again but some people take their love for photographing themselves too far, ending up  in sticky situations or just getting it plain wrong!

These 15 selfies are definitely classed as epic selfie fails!

1.      Hungry Camel Selfie

That’s a fun day of selfies at the zoo ruined

2.      Get Back To Your Job Selfie

This guy probably had more important things to be getting on with than taking selfies

3.      Vicious Squirrel Selfie

Let this be a warning to anyone who tries to take a selfie with a squirrel without permission.

4.      Plane Trouble Selfie

Whilst most would be scared, this man just selfies.

5.      SERIOUS Plane Trouble Selfie

What else you gonna do when your plane has just crashed and you’re stranded in the ocean?

6.      Kim Kardashian Meets an Elephant Selfie

The queen of selfies got interrupted by this curious baby elephant. Admit it, you love celeb selfie fails!

7.      Photo Booth Selfie

This guy completely defeats the point of a photo booth.

8.      Spider Selfie

This little spider just wanted to pose too.

9.      Accidental Eyeball Selfie

There is going to be some disappointment when she goes to look through her once-in-a-lifetime photos of the Olympics.

10. Mundane Selfie

Just imagine what other selfie delights that phone holds.

11. Eye on the Ball Selfie

Wrong place, wrong time. Look at her, she still hasn’t noticed.

12. Laptop Selfie

Any selfie with a laptop is a big fail. This girl gets extra points for doing it in the middle of a lecture where everyone can see.

13. Invisible Selfie

Even with two mirrors they still managed to miss the shot

14. The Caught-you-Snapchatting Selfie

Snapchat faces out of context are just the best thing.

15. Brave Selfie

This takes some serious bravery and multitasking skills. So this is actually more of a win than a fail…

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