Apple’s latest tablet is certainly a skinny one; sizing up at just 6.1mm thin it’s one of the slimmest tablets we’ve ever got our hands on. But when it comes down to measurements, numbers don’t really tell the story as effectively as we’d like.

With that in mind, here are 20 everyday items which are thicker than Apple’s latest iPad. We’ve done our research here (for most of them), and you may well be surprised. So let’s get started…

Your Pinky Finger

Is the iPad thinner than your pinky finger?

This only counts for adults, and is based on averages, but it’s incredibly unlikely that your little finger sizes up smaller than the iPad Air 2’s 6.1mm width.

A Half Pound Burger

Frankly we'd be very disappointed if your iPad was thicker than this burger!

Cooked or uncooked, it doesn’t really matter. One half-pound burger of traditional diameter (fitting snuggly in a bun), is thicker than the latest iPad, with uncooked burgers often twice the size.

One Fruit Pastille

Are fruit pastilles really thicker than an iPad Air 2?

That’s right sweet fans! One Rowntrees Fruit Pastille sizes up at approximately 6.5mm, giving it an extra 0.4mm on the iPad Air 2. Chew that one over.

Vogue Magazine

The average Vogue magazine is actually thicker than the iPad Air 2

As if we needed another reason to move to the digital era? The average Vogue magazine packs in hundreds of pages, often making it over 10mm thick. So why not just download the online magazine and save the room with your new iPad Air 2?

A Motorola Razr V3

Can you believe the Razr V3 used to be considered thin?

Once touted as one of the thinnest phones ever made the Motorola Razr V3 measures up at 13.9mm, making it twice as thick as the iPad Air 2. Not such a space saver now is it?

An 8 fold piece of A4 paper

Can you even fold A4 paper 8 times?

Although extremely hard to do, if you somehow manage to fold a piece of A4 paper in half eight times, you’d have yourself 6.4mm of paper, once again thicker than our brand new tablet! This is admittedly a fairly laborious task, so we don’t expect you to test this theory.

9 Credit Cards

Can 9 credit cards really be thicker than the Apple tablet?

If you have nine credit cards to hand you’re either incredibly rich or up to your eyeballs in debt, but either way if you stack them on one another, you’ll have yourself a thicker stack than your iPad. You have to give Apple some credit for that, don’t you?

One AAA Battery

Is a AAA Battery thicker than an iPad?

Found in many household gadgets and always running out at the worst possible time, one AAA battery is actually thicker than the latest Apple tablet. Your typical battery does last longer than the iPad Air 2’s battery, although in fairness, it isn’t powering a 9.7 inch high definition LED retina display.

Four 1p Coins

Have you tried comparing pennies to the iPad Air 2?

Ready for some maths? One 1p coin is 1.6mm thick, making four of them size up at 6.4mm, thus bigger than an iPad Air 2. If only we could swap one for the other…

The Average Male Eyebrow

Are your eyebrows thicker than the iPad Air 2?

According to our detailed research (measuring every guy’s brow in the office!), we’ve discovered that most male eyebrows sit between 7-10mm. This makes them much thicker than an iPad Air 2, with the odd gentleman blowing the tablet out of the water completely, Eugene Levy is a prime example.

One Wotsit

We love Wotsits, but are they thicker than an iPad?

Who doesn’t love a good pack of Wotsits? Now don’t get us wrong, we know all Wotsits are different, but on average each bite of cheesy goodness sizes up at 10mm thick, almost twice the size of the iPad! We’re not sure on the calorie count though, so do your own research there.

The Address Bar on your Browser

Have you compared you tablet to your address bar?

Here’s one you can do from home! Bring your brand new iPad Air 2 up to your computer screen and compare it the address bar at the top of your PC browser. We think you’ll find that it’s notably thinner, measuring around 6.9mm*- the box is just under one mm thicker than the slate.

*Measured on Google Chrome

18pt Comic Sans

Is Comic Sans thicker than an iPad?

Comic Sans; the world’s most hated font! Write your CV in this text and the odds of getting yourself a job will plummet. It might be nice to hear, however, that an 18pt font size is actually larger than the latest iPad. So even if you don’t get the job at least you’ve got this fun fact to keep you entertained.

An Ice Cube

If the ice melts it has a chance of beating the iPad...

Great for cooling those summer drinks, and much used this year thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge which dominated our Facebook feeds; the average ice cube is around three times thicker than the iPad Air 2. Leave one out in the sun for a while and you may be able to prove us wrong, but in a full solid form, we’re definitely right.


£2700 worth of these would stack up higher than an iPad Air 2!

Lucky for us the iPad Air 2 doesn’t cost us this much, but if you were to stack £2,700 in fifty pound notes, you’d find that the tablet does match up to it in at least one respect. Unless you’re loaded you won’t be able to test this method, so you’ll just have to trust us.

One Potato Smiley

We don't think being thicker than an iPad is gonna wipe the smile of their faces

Remember those potato smileys you’d get served for lunch throughout junior school? Yeah we loved them too, and it turns out they’re surprisingly thick, on average around 13mm! This means that two iPad Air 2s are actually slimmer than these savoury emoticons. That’s something worth smiling about.

Tom Selleck’s Moustache

Rocking a moustache like Tom Selleck's? Then it's definitely thicker than an iPad Air 2!

Tom Selleck, most notable for playing Pagnum PI and Richard in Friends, boasts one of TV’s most memorable moustaches. Thanks to our expert knowledge (which consists of having watched the Friends boxset around 20 times) we’ve deduced that Tom Selleck’s moustache is much more sizeable than 6.1mm (around 15mm altogether if we were guessing), making it thicker than the iPad by quite a chalk!

A Pencil

The iPad Air 2 has already been compared to the width of a pencil

Used as an effective marketing tool by Apple in previous years, many TV adverts have flaunted thin technology by comparing it to a pencil. So, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us. Normally around 7mm, a pencil is almost a full millimetre bigger than the iPad Air 2.

One Slice of Bread

Bread is definitely thicker than the iPad

This obviously depends on brand and style, but an average slice of bread (or toast) is thicker than the latest iPad. This doesn’t account for the crust sections of the loaf, so don’t try and catch us out there. Barely anyone eats the crust anyway, so it’s only fair we don’t count it here.

Finally…An iPad Air!

The iPad Air 2 is 1.4mm thinner than the iPad Air

It wouldn’t be too good if the older iPad was thinner than its successor, so it makes us happy to say that the original iPad Air is a full 1.4mm thicker than the iPad Air 2. Of course this is a great reason to upgrade, and with an improved spec sheet as well, you can’t go wrong.

There you have it! 20 things thicker than the Apple iPad Air 2! Now why don’t you get measuring? We’d love to hear about some of the other things thicker than your latest tablet!