Smartphone cameras have significantly improved over the past couple of years, with some even matching the standard and performance of professional cameras. If you’re looking for a new handset that’ll be able to deliver some excellent snaps, these 5 smartphones are the best you can get your hands on right now.

1. Huawei P30 Pro

Rear camera: 40MP + 20MP + 8MP + ToF
Rear camera aperture: f/1.6, f/2.2, f/3.4
Front camera: 32MP

The Huawei P30 Pro has been praised by critics as having one of the best smartphone cameras currently on the market. It’s four rear lenses give the device incredibly low light, telephoto and ultra-wide capabilities, producing detailed, clear and focussed shots.


The P30 Pro also uses red-yellow-yellow-blue (RYYB) and red-green-blue (RGB) sensors when capturing images, meaning it can capture more light – allowing shadows in images to look true to life and not over exposed, and an amazing amount of detail to be captured.

Of course, there’s plenty of camera settings to play with if you’re a photography pro, too.

2. Google Pixel 3/3XL

Rear camera: 12.2MP
Rear camera aperture: f/1.8
Front camera: 8MP + 8MP

The Google Pixel 3 is a popular smartphone with a great camera on board. It’s the software of this camera that sets it apart from its competitors, as it uses technology to capture images that are incredibly clear and crisp, with vivid and detailed colours.


The 12MP camera is equipped with intuitive AI technology and intelligent features such as Auto Phase detection – which means this camera reads its surroundings and auto-focusses to produce the best shots possible.

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP + 16MP
Rear camera aperture: f/1.5, f/2.4, f/2.2
Front camera: 10MP + 8MP

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the best smartphones you can buy, and the camera is certainly impressive too. The phone captures excellent quality image thanks to the triple-lens rear camera system, while the selfie camera is equipped with dual aperture and a dual pixel lens.


This device also allows you to experiment using features such as Colour Point, Live Focus and AR emojis, plus you can take photos in bokeh effect for Instagram-ready shots too.

4. OnePlus 7 Pro

Rear camera: 48MP + 8MP + 16MP
Rear camera aperture: f/1.6, f/2.4, f/2.2
Front camera: 16MP

If you’re looking for a camera that’s unique and practical in design, but with great performance and quality to boot, check out the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Its pop-out front camera is hidden away inside of the phone and is activated once you open the camera app. It’s able to take portrait photos, with a wide range of settings and features to take professional looking shots.


Don’t underestimate the rear camera either – its ultra-wide primary capture lens offers unrivalled detail and sharpness, while the telephoto camera creates an impressive and focussed image, even when zoomed in.

5. iPhone XS Max

Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP
Rear camera aperture: f/1.8, f/2.4
Front camera: 7MP

If you’re looking to capture high quality images without the fuss, the iPhone XS Max is for you. You won’t need to experiment with any settings or delve into complicated AI features with this device, as its automatic settings are refined enough to capture an excellent image every time.

The dual-lens rear camera is able to capture both wide-angle shots with the f/1.8 aperture and recreate bokeh effect thanks to the telephoto f/2.4. Both have an OIS sensor for focused images, and you can even adjust the depth of field in Portrait Mode after you've taken a photo if you'd like to achieve your desired blurred look.


As for the front, the 7MP TrueDepth camera performs brilliantly whether you're snapping selfies or using FaceTime, producing detailed and true-to-life shots with vivid colour.

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