**The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is looking like it could be a winner this year, featuring a superb camera and some great specs. **But what are the best features of the K Zoom? And will the handset be an all-round success? So strap in and get ready, because here are the five features that should get you drooling over Samsung’s upcoming smartphone!

1. That Massive Samsung Camera Lens

Could we really start off anywhere else? For those of you who don’t know, Samsung has included an incredible 20.7 megapixel camera on the back of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. This obviously places it right in the elite camera section of the smartphone market, alongside the likes of the Nokia Lumia 1020, which itself features a 41 megapixel snapper.

It doesn’t stop there though, as the K Zoom packs a 10x optical zoom, getting you closer to the action without losing any quality whatsoever. This pretty much blows any other camera phone out of the water, as the majority of other smartphones don’t feature a moving lens, meaning that zooming often detracts from the quality.

Samsung knows that its main selling point for this handset is the camera, and it’s done everything it can to make it the best one possible, and for now it looks like it’s succeeded.

Galaxy K Zoom Electric Blue handset

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2. Samsung’s Super-Fast Zoom

You didn’t think that was all from the camera did you? Carrying on from the previous feature, it’s worth noting that the 10x zoom we mentioned isn’t just any ordinary zoom. In fact, Samsung has implemented a quick zoom function that makes taking a picture quicker than ever.

Whilst most other camera phones and digital cameras for that matter sometimes take an age to zoom in to maximum capacity, this isn’t the case here. The K Zoom can get fully zoomed in- or out- almost instantly, giving you plenty of time to grab the picture you want. The feature is even integrated with Vine, meaning you can zoom in and out whilst recording for the first time ever on the social media app.

Never again will you be zooming in on a Pulitzer Prize worthy picture, just for time to get the better of you.

3. Ultra Power Saving Mode

It’s not all about the fancy camera or powerful specs, sometimes it’s about functionality too, and the K Zoom’s Ultra Power Saving Mode covers that base.

Featuring a 2430mAh battery, you’d think that the K Zoom could stand up to the test of time pretty well in terms of battery power, but Samsung isn’t taking any chances. Ultra Power Saving Mode is also featured on the Galaxy S5 flagship handset, and can be activated to make the handset last longer than ever by deactivating non-essential features.

Imagine spending your day taking pictures using the K Zoom, only to find that when you’re heading home that your battery has slumped to just 10%. Most other handsets would struggle to make the trip, but fire up the Ultra Power Saver Mode, and you’ll have a whole day to make it to a charger.

Ultra power saving mode Galaxy K Zoom

4. Samsung Selfie Alarm

The selfie trend is one of the biggest crazes we’ve seen this year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Samsung has jumped aboard the selfie bandwagon, offering up the unique selfie alarm feature, which increases the quality of your selfies without causing any hassle.

The way the selfie alarm works is simple: using thesecondary 2 megapixel screen front mounted lens, you line up your face ready for the selfie, then flip the phone around allowing you to take the picture with the main 20 megapixel lens. The K Zoom will bleep until you’re lined up correctly, and will even take the picture without you having to press the shutter button, making your selfie taking exploits easier than ever!

5. It’s Galaxy Gear Friendly

The wearable technology trend is only just getting started, and who would want to miss out on it? Well if you invest in the Galaxy K Zoom, you definitely won’t be left out to dry. The Galaxy K Zoom can work alongside the Galaxy Gear 2, Fit and Neo without any issues and even utilises the S Health app to keep you fit.

So if you’re focused on getting fit this year, or if you just want your notifications sent straight to your wrist, the Galaxy K Zoom is definitely a viable option for you.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom connect to Galaxy Gear 2

There you have it! Five features you can find on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom that really separate it from the crowd. So if you want a powerful smartphone that boasts a brilliant camera and some equally good features, maybe you should try out the Galaxy K Zoom?

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