LG has pretty much pummelled the market with new smartphones of late, with four brand new handsets making the rounds. But which one of the new LG smartphones should you pick? We’ve given our backing to the LG Magna, and here are five reasons why!

It’s got the LG Curve Factor!

LG Magna Curve

It’s not got quite the curve that the G Flex 2 has, but the LG Magna still offers a noticeable bend for you to brag about to your mates. This is pushed out further by LG’s award-winning design trend, which is obvious across the mid-range device.

The curved design is purely for aesthetic reasons, with no extra features being introduced to go along with it– but with a phone that stands out from the crowd, who’s complaining? Plus, with the power and volume buttons being located on the back of the handset to keep the edges clutter-free, it makes the LG Magna even more unique.

Other than that, it’s business as usual from LG – with a metallic styled case topping off the design for a smooth and sophisticated look. So, even if you aren’t splashing flagship levels of cash, the LG Magna makes it look like you are!

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Android Lollipop is on board

Android Lollipop

Who doesn’t like a Lollipop? No, we aren’t talking about the kind you get from the newsagent, we’re talking about Android’s latest operating system!

Boasting a host of new features and a new tweaked design, the software behind the LG Magna is top drawer. The new Android OS offers extra power-saving features, whilst also bringing in more security and more support to wearable devices.

So, if you’re planning on grabbing the LG Magna, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’ll be getting one of the best bits of software to play with- and that’s the same as on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTc One M9!

A Tidy LG Magna Specs Sheet

LG Magna

Even with Android Lollipop at the helm, it’s the specs inside the Magna which keep it running, and we get a surplus supply. Boasting great components for its price tag, you can be sure that lag and crashes won’t be bothering your new smartphone.

8GB storage is included as standard, with memory card support if you like to keep music and other media on your phone. Also, 1GB RAM ensures that multitasking doesn’t grind the handset to a halt – which is surprisingly common in other mid-range devices.

Also, with a 5 inch 720p display, you won’t be squinting to read those daily Facebook notifications either! Finally, a quad-core processor also offers plenty of speed, making for a great all-round smartphone.

LG Smartphone Camera Success

LG Magna Camera

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Serial Snapchat fans and Instagram addicts alike will be at home with the LG Magna, with a great camera set-up finding its way into the phone.

The rear lens is packing 8 megapixels (which is the same as the iPhone 6), whilst the front facing camera offers an impressive 5 megapixels. Both of these offer quality performance with numerous features helping LG fans get the best shots with every snap.

Autofocus is a given, whilst plenty of camera apps are also available through the Google Play Store, allowing you to capture, edit and publish photos across all of your social media feeds. Whilst it might not stack up against your more powerful handheld cameras – the LG Magna is still a great point and shoot snapper!

Long Lasting Battery Life

LG magna selection

What’s the major problem with nearly all smartphones on the market? Without a doubt, we’d say that it’s battery life. But LG is helping solve the problem with a lengthy 2540mAh effort on the Magna- which is replaceable to give you an extra surge of energy.

This is also backed up by the Project Volta feature from Android Lollipop, which lets you know just which app is draining the most energy, along with offering a power saving mode to help keep you going.

So, there are five reasons why you should be keeping an eye out for the LG Magna the next time you hit the high street. Of course, you can also check out our other great LG smartphone deals from the comfort of your own home right here!