**Reports of an Amazon phone have circled over the past few years, ever since the company released its Kindle e-reader which proved a massive hit. **But only now are we seeing the smartphone make the news, with the Amazon Fire phone finally outing itself into the spotlight.

But one thing that has truly propelled the Amazon Fire phone into the forefront of people’s minds is the 3D display that will be featured on the handset. But what is this 3D screen, and how does it work?

Well put on those 3D glasses, as we’re about to explain just how the Fire phone’s display could be the start of something new!

What is the Amazon 3D Display?

Believe it or not, the 3D display set to make its way onto the Amazon phone actually makes things look three dimensional (crazy right?!). But, sarcasm aside, the 3D display makes constant adjustments to make elements of the screen appear as if they jut out of the screen.

This means that our videos, pictures and even games could have a more realistic and lifelike feel to them, making them look and feel better than ever. Also, this could mean that things like notifications or alarms could stand out from the rest of the display by appearing to stick out from the screen.

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How does the Amazon Fire Phone do this?

Don’t worry, you know those 3D glasses we mentioned earlier? You won’t be needing them anytime soon, thanks to the Amazon phone’s smart 3D display. In fact, it works by utilising four corner mounted infrared cameras which do most of the work behind the scenes.

Tracking your eyes and face position, the handset finds out where you’re positioned, and then uses this data to allow the software to make constant adjustments on the screen, to make things appear as three dimensional. All of this comes without the use of any 3D glasses or physical screen on top of the display, both of which are used by 3D films and Nintendo’s 3DS games console.

So, just like that you’re given a three dimensional experience, without the classic restrictions we’ve come to put up with whilst at the cinema.

What could this do for the Amazon Phone?

Whilst we can’t physically touch these 3D features, it could still mean big things for the upcoming Amazon phone. The possibilities really are endless, but here are just a couple things we can imagine seeing:


Sure we have satellite imagery and sat-nav guidance, but imagine being able to see how tall a certain landmarks are on your phone? For example, a map of New York City would show the city skyline in as true a form as possible without actually being there.

3D Movies

3D films have taken off over the past few years, but it hasn’t translated into most of our homes yet, with few consumers looking to pay sky high costs for a TV which forces you to wear glasses to watch it. The Amazon Phone could solve this problem, allowing you to view 3D films through your phone, without making you shell out too much cash.

3D Gaming

Let’s face it, mobile gaming struggles to become a truly immersive experience because of the small screen, but make that screen 3D and it could become much more interesting. Imagine seeing those undead monkeys chasing you in all three dimensions during a game of Temple Run? Safe to say our high score would definitely improve!

Amazon Fire Phone - 3D features

Could we see more 3D phones?

If the Amazon Fire phone implements the feature properly, we could be seeing the future of smartphone displays here. It all depends on how well it does in the hands of the average consumer. At the moment though, we know plenty of reasons why it could become the next big smartphone feature.

The Amazon Fire phone will ship later on this summer, here’s hoping we see a UK release.