Android 10 is the newest version of Google's popular operating system. and comes with a wealth of new features to help improve user experience. From an all-new Dark theme to improved Digital Wellbeing services, there's much to discover on Android 10.

1 - Dark theme

Android users have been calling out for a Dark theme option for some time, and Android 10 has delivered. Dark theme uses a true black hue to make everything on your device - including apps and features - to appear darker. Not only does Dark theme help you to save on your battery, it has been designed to reduce eye strain too.


Dark theme is optional, but if you would like to activate it all you need to do is pull down the Settings taskbar and click on the Dark theme button. Alternatively, if you switch on battery saving mode, it will automatically activate.

Family Link is a great tool for families with young children. It allows parents and guardians to monitor their children’s screen time by setting limitations and restrictions on their phones. Family Link is now built into Android 10, whereas before it was available only as a separate app.


Using the service, parents can limit Screen time per app, which is ideal for those who don't want their children on Instagram and YouTube for long periods of time. With just a few taps, restrictions can be put into place, so children have a daily limit on their most-used apps.

As well as reducing the amount of time children can spend on each app, Family Link enables parents to manage what apps kids can download, view their recent activity and lock a device entirely after a set time.

Parents can also track their child's location by detecting the whereabouts of their phone. It’s a handy feature to ensure children safely reach their destination, or for parents to check where their kids are on their route home from school.

3 - Focus Mode

Part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing hub, Focus Mode is a new addition for Android 10 that helps intelligently monitor your phone’s usage. Focus Mode allows you to select apps that you think you use too much, and once activated, these apps will temporarily shut off and you won’t be able to access them or receive notifications from them. It’s ideal for people that usually end up procrastinating on their phone.


Focus Mode is easily turned on through your phone’s settings. Just scroll down to the digital wellbeing section, click on digital wellbeing and parental controls, select Focus Mode and choose the apps you’d like to turn off. Then tap 'Turn on now' and Focus Mode is enabled.

4 - Smart Reply

You may have already seen Smart Reply across Google apps such as Gmail and Google Messages. Smart Reply is a useful feature that automatically suggests responses for you based on what was sent previously and makes replying to messages and emails easier than ever before.


Android 10 brings Smart Reply to more apps than ever before, including messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Signal. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to see recommended actions with this new update. So, if you’ve made plans with a friend and they’ve suggested a restaurant to go to, Smart Reply will automatically pull up directions for you in Google Maps, helping you to find your way there easily all while looking out for traffic updates too.

5 - Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier is a new feature that drastically improves your listening experience when listening on the go. With Sound Amplifier, your phone boosts sound, fine tunes audio and filters out background noise so you can only hear what you’re listening to on your phone, and not what’s around you.


So, whether you’re streaming your favourite TV show, calling a family member or listening to music on the go, just plug in your headphones and experience Sound Amplifier for yourself.

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