It wasn’t so long ago that we were enjoying the Android KitKat operating system, but now a brand new software update is here, and it couldn’t be any sweeter. Named Android Lollipop, will the new update be a treat to enjoy for Google lovers, or will it be a bit too sickly?

We’re here to take a look at the shiny new operating system, and make the call on whether you should start updating right away, or stick with your good old trusty KitKat OS… So here goes: let us present to you our expert Android Lollipop review.

Android Material Design

Google’s brand new name for its brand new Android style, Material Design offers a fresh new approach to the trusty operating system. With its polished and pastel-esque appearance, Android Lollipop looks at home within any device, although it might not be a drastic difference for Samsung and HTC users who have a separate user interface.

Bright and colourful, the look actually comes across as quite artsy, making it extremely kind on the eye. Plus, with a very fluid and open feel, it’s no bad egg on the operating front either, making for a sweet deal all-round.

Google icons on web vs Android 2014

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Android Lollipop notifications

Google phones have always been slightly behind their iOS cousins when it comes down to getting notifications, but phones with Android Lollipop have fought back now with an upgraded system.

Messages come in prettier and clearer than ever before, and even take from Apple with the way they slide onto the top of the Google display. This feature obviously helps with the overall use of the system, letting choose whether or not to open the message, or simply wait until later to reply.

If you’re sick and tired of being bothered by junk emails, Whatsapp messages and the like, you can also activate a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. This can be set to work within a set time period, guaranteeing that you’ll get your 40 winks without having to check out that latest Facebook comment. Definitely a worthwhile addition to our Android OS if you ask us!

Sharp and Secure Android Software

We’re not exactly the most vigilant when it comes down to our mobile phones, so it’s a pretty good job Google is on the case with its latest OS upgrade! Working mostly behind the scenes, Android 5.0 Lollipop is promising to keep your data as safe and as secure as possible.

Automatically set to search for malware on a constant basis, your Google phone will let you know if a virus has made its way into your device. Plus, by selecting a trusted device, you can automatically connect with your tablet or wearable to make sure you get quick access by avoiding your password, which will reactivate when you separate the devices.

Finally, if you’re planning on using your face for more than the odd selfie, you can use the updated Face Unlock feature to bypass that pesky lock code as well! Also, if you’re a sharer, you can activate a guest profile for visitors to keep them from all your sensitive data if they’re playing with your handset.

Android 4.5 for Nexus devices

Project Volta

We never have enough battery life, do we? Thankfully, Android is working hard to ensure that this problem shouldn’t be rearing its head as often as before, thanks in part to Project Volta. It offers extra battery improvements as standard, and also helps conserve battery power with its very own battery saver mode.

Activating automatically at 5% or 15% (your choice!), the battery saver mode promises 90 minutes of extra life by turning off unneeded features like vibration and unnecessary services. So, with battery life at a premium, Android Lollipop is probably worth the download just for this feature!

General Performance Improvements for Android 5.0

As always, it’s not just fancy new features and a new name being chucked out of the wagon by Google, it’s a bunch of performance improvements as well. This time we finally get some 64-bit support, which means faster processing and less lag for those who aren’t up to date with the latest jargon.

Also, an improvement to the engine behind the Lollipop façade brings 60fps animations and apps, letting things appear more fluid and smooth. Plus, with ART Runtime also in the background, the overall speed of the system has improved dramatically, with just the occasional bit of lag popping up now and then.

Is Android Lollipop a Treat?

With all of these improvements, it would take a brave person not to download this latest version of the Android operating system. The numerous new features and fresh new design should be more than enough to warrant the download itself, and its impressive battery improvements definitely make it incredibly practical as well.

There is very little to criticise here, and with very few issues having surrounded the update since its launch, it definitely seems that this version of Android could be the best one yet! So if you haven’t got it already, maybe it’s time to take the plunge with Android 5.0 Lollipop!

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